Thursday, June 6, 2013

Conclusion - 30 Days of Grace

Wow, it is amazing to see that we have come to the end of our 30 Day study of God's grace.  I have loved learning about His grace and just seeing all that Christ has done for me already.  Grace is so wonderful, for it shows the unconditional love and acceptance of God, which moved Him to finish the work of redeeming us as new creations by Christ's complete work.  How wonderful grace is!  It encapsulates God's loving heart toward us, loving us freely and without expectation of anything from us, and it also signifies all the wonderful things He has done for us and given to us in Christ, totally for free, without us having to do anything to get or keep these gifts!  Grace is free, it is wonderful, it is all-inclusive, it is beautiful, it is God's heart expressed!

What do we have, because of grace?

Because of grace, we are loved without condition.  We are accepted, taken in, welcomed, understood, and enjoyed.  We are loved on our good days and on our bad ones just the same.  We are loved on the heights and in the ditch.  We are loved no matter what.  We cannot escape from this love that will hold us forever!

And because of grace, we are redeemed.  Our sins are forgiven through Christ's sacrifice.  We are set free from sin, shame, guilt, condemnation, the law, the curse, the bondage of Satan, and even death through the work of Christ on our behalf.  We are cleansed, sanctified, set apart, made glorious and righteous in His sight!

Because of grace, we are made new creations.  We are united with God.  We are full of the Spirit.  We are partakers of the divine presence and nature.  We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, part of the eternal realm, full of the love of God and the fruits of the Spirit.  God dwells in us and Christ is our life.  The Spirit prays for us and is there for us as Friend and Support.  We are never alone!

Because of grace, we are chosen, known, and held.  We are carried through life.  We are brought into fellowship and kept in fellowship.  We are made firm and secure, and He is faithful to keep us and preserve us, spirit, soul and body, to the day of the redemption of our body.  We are carried by God and will be carried by Him, the Spirit guaranteeing that we will receive our full inheritance and live forever with God. 

Because of grace, we are complete.  We have arrived.  We are all that we were made to be.  We have all of God, and God has all of us right where He wants us - in union with Him forever.  God is loving us forever, fellowshipping with us forever.  We are included in the loving fellowship of the Trinity itself.  We have it made! 

So what does this mean for you, for me, for all of us?   

It means you don't have to work or strain to become something you already are - accepted and righteous and complete. You don't have to yearn for or work for something you already have - peace with God, and every blessing in spiritual places.  You don't have to try to get somewhere you already are - in union with God, in His arms forever.  You don't have to do anything!  You don't have to worry about your performance or you security in Christ, for you are safely tucked into Christ by God Himself, and Christ is safely tucked into the bosom of the Father! You don't have to look to yourself to try to change yourself, for you are already 'all that you were meant to be - one with the One who is life (Dan Stone, from the book, The Rest of the Gospel).'     

You don't have to try.  You don't have to strain.  You don't have to become.  You don't have to get better.  You don't have to change.  You don't have to 'get accepted.'   You don't have to 'do.'  You can just BE, because you already ARE! 

You don't have to 'do' anything at all, attempt anything at all, even try to understand or believe anything at all. There is no pressure on you in any way - no rules, no requirements, no obligations, no expectations.  Nothing is required of you.  There are no demands placed on you.  It is not 'all up to you' - the pressure to perform is gone. 

You can rest.  You can relax.  You can smile.  You can live freely and lightly. You can laugh.  You can lie down and sleep.  You can be yourself.  You can dance. You can celebrate.  You can know God.  You can look on His face.  You can enjoy Him.  You can enjoy His love.   

You are complete.  You are accepted.  You are free.  You are safe.  You are His!  You are loved!    Without you doing one thing to make it happen!  It already happened, it already IS!  Through the finished work of Christ, you have been brought all the way into the Throne Room and placed on Daddy's lap!  You have been given everything, and God the Father says of you, "Son/Daughter, you are always with Me, and all that I have is yours."  You are in a place of perfect harmony and wholeness, total acceptance and unconditional love, and God says over you, "This is My beloved son/daughter in whom I am well-pleased."  God already has you where He wants you, in His heart, where He can shower love on you for all eternity.  Christ already brought you thereHe has done all for you, and you are set, home free, perfect and perfectly loved for all timeIt is finished without you doing a thing or needing to deserve a thing.  It is freely done for you, to youthrough Jesus you are home with God, in union with Him foreverThat is grace!     

So how would you summarize the meaning of grace?  

For me, Grace is all God freely accomplished for us in Christ out of unconditional love...It is the love, acceptance, favor and blessing of God freely given to us, as shown in the work of Christ to bless us and give us the union life with God we were always meant to have...Grace is love freely given, without any stipulations..Grace is God sending Jesus...In fact, Jesus is the Grace of God in a Person... 

And of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace!  Thank You, God, for Your Grace!


  1. I did not get a thing

  2. Thank you for your honest comment Anon..there are so many days I feel the same. I think there is grace in everything, we don't have to get anything, all is okay and accepted no matter what. Your comment causes me to pause and ponder...Maybe in the end there is nothing to 'get', we can just relax and enjoy life knowing all is well between us and God, He is already within close as our heartbeat, and that this life isn't a test to pass or a project to complete but a real gift to enjoy, and He loves watching us simply live it..Peace to you, Anon!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14