Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grace for the Pharisee

There is grace for all of us, even the Pharisees..

I know because I've been a Pharisee and judged others, and I can still be critical and judgmental at times..So I want to say thank You, Papa, that You've got grace and love in Your heart even for religious and legalistic people, for I've been one and You loved me and saw behind the condemning attitude to a hurting person who felt she must live up to some high standard and felt she never would, felt You were disgusted with her..

Maybe all critical attitudes simply come from this lack of seeing that one is beloved, that there is no standard to have to measure up to..that one is loved without any conditions and accepted even with all the failures..

I know this Pharisee was healed by love and grace, and I pray that all that struggle with condemning and critical attitudes can also be just washed and overwhelmed and healed by His love and grace, too! And that if there are any hurts or wounds from the past, that they would all be healed in every way by His grace washing over, like a fountain of love and tenderness! That every lie making anyone feel unworthy, unlovable, 'not good enough,' alienated, alone, uncared for, or shameful would be silenced and melted into nothing by the love shining from His face, the tender delight in His eyes for all of us!

Grace and peace to all the Pharisees and hurting people out there, you are loved as you are, you are accepted whether you ever change or not, you are His dear and precious children and are totally embraced right now, wherever you are at, no need to measure up, no standard to keep, no requirements put upon you...you are perfect to Him just as you are and always have been! 

So please don't call yourself a Pharisee, that's not who you truly are, it's a lie and false identity you may sometimes take as your own, but it isn't really you!...You are His dear little innocent child, loved without regard to right or wrong, good or bad, what you do or don't do, just plain loved because you are His very own and daddies love their little ones... Don't even worry about changing all your attitudes, seeing the truth more clearly or anything at all...Everything is going to be okay, He won't reject you, He won't hurt you, He won't leave you - Papa loves you, He's got you, and He won't let you go!


  1. Woolly, it really touches my heart that He loves me with all my sometimes Pharisee ways, and that He doesn't see me as a Pharisee at all..Isn't He so good! He loves us all, He knows our background and what makes us act the way we do, what makes us withdraw sometimes, etc. or have a sullen or critical attitude..I am so glad He sees behind the masks and to the pain we carry..He is so good and kind..nothing but LOVE incarnate! Blessings to you my brother, thank you for being such an encouragement!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14