Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Walking with Christ from Incarnation to Ascension - Day 28 - Discover Great Treasure!

Through this course, my thinking, my perceptions, my attitudes and my whole life experience has changed! I’ve found out my origin, that I came from God and existed in His heart pure and innocent before time began. I’ve found out the truth of union, that I’ve been made of God and we’ve always been connected (not separated). I’ve learned the truth of my true nature, that made in His image I’ve always had His good nature (not inferior). I’ve heard the gospel that God has saved me from all the lies of separation and inferiority I’d believed. I’ve discovered the finished work, that God found me in Christ before I was lost, fixed up the problem the lies caused in my life before I even drew a breath. I’ve discovered that Jesus joined Himself to me in my darkness and pain and brought me up into His life and light. I’ve discovered that God loves me unconditionally, even in my messes, and I can be honest and genuine and naked before Him without any shame, so great is His love and acceptance of me. I’ve discovered that God already put me at rest through Christ’s perfect work, and that Christ will manifest through me without my help. I’ve discovered that it’s okay to be me, that God is fine with me as I am, that who I am is beautiful and a gift to this world. I’ve discovered Christ inside me, and it’s changed my life, healed my soul, uplifted my heart and brought me to really start experiencing real, genuine, intimate relationship with Him! He truly has been in me all along, loving me, holding me, helping me, accepting me, understanding me, delighting in me, being the deepest part of me and the truest thing about me! The love I’ve always longed for has been here inside me all along! It is all I ever wanted in life – to know HE loved me, to just be SAFE in His arms, to have that deep relationship with Him and know He is fine with me, smiling on me, holding onto me, never to leave or let go. To be loved unconditionally, freely, limitlessly, and to just enjoy real fellowship with Him, to walk through life with Him, to be happy and love life because He is in it with me, to love others and even myself through His love flowing naturally out! The truest happiness is just to know one is loved, accepted, appreciated as you truly are, and that is what this course has brought me to see and know and begin to experience – the treasure of knowing myself loved by God deep within me!! What a great treasure I’ve discovered, Christ in me!

If I had a message I wanted to share with anyone else in this world right now, this is what is on my heart to share:

Did you know you’re a treasure to God?
He thinks you are so wonderful, priceless really!
You see your faults and problems and ways you ‘don’t measure up,’ but God performs no such judgment of you!
God accepts every part of you, loves every part of you, embraces the whole of you, without reserve, without question, without stipulation, without hesitation!
God sees the real you underneath all the junk and woundedness..He understands why you lash out or struggle as you do, He knows the lies you’ve been told, the hurts you’ve suffered. He understands you!
And He sees and knows the real you deep down – the little child, pure and innocent and sweet, looking out with wonder on this world, just needing to be loved.
He has scooped you up into His arms and will never let you go!
You are such a treasure to Him, just as you are, right now, without needing to change, get better, know more, or become more.
You are perfect to Him right now!

His eyes look on you with perfect love! With adoration! With the delight of a proud Papa looking at His child, for that is what you are, God’s child, made in His image!
God is love and you’re in His image, so you are a love being too!
That’s your true nature, to love!
You are good with God’s very goodness, being made of His good substance and in His likeness of pure goodness. You have His characteristics, you bear the family resemblance, you are just like your older brother Jesus, full of grace and truth!
And full of God – made of God and having God as the very fabric of yourself!

Yes, not only are you a treasure to God, but there’s also a treasure in you – God Himself is in you!
Yes, you were made of divine DNA, there’s a part of you that’s eternal!
This spirit part of you is connected with God, so really, through all your life journey, you’ve never been apart from Him and He’s never been apart from you!
He’s always been there with you, going through everything with you.
He’ll never leave you stranded in life.
He walks through every experience with you.
He’s your most faithful friend and constant companion.
You are truly joined to Him, and He to you, in the depths of your being.
You and He are one deep down!

Jesus has removed every lie that would keep you from experiencing your love nature and unity with your Papa.
He has brought you with Him through death to all those lies that bound you in a lesser experience, a lesser existence.
He has taken care of the fallout from those lies, all the messes you might have made believing in lies, taken them all out of the way and removed them from you, killed them off at the cross and put them in the grave, never to rise up!
He has brought you up with Him into His very life, life without end, life that can’t be bound or trapped by lies, life that can’t ever be ended or killed – so you are safe in Him from any lie or bondage or even staying dead – death can’t hold you down, just as it couldn’t hold Jesus down!
Jesus has brought you up with Him to heavenly places and seated you with Him at Papa’s side, reigning with Him from the place of union and life!

You are safe with Him!
You are found in Him!
You are free in Him!
You are fine in Him!

He accepts you..
He adores you..
He delights in you..
He loves you..
He is proud of you..
He is one with you..
He is holding you..
He is living in you..

He is going to take care of everything for you..
He is going to manifest Himself through you..
He is going to carry you through it all…
He is going to love on you for all eternity!

You are such a great treasure to God, His very own dear child!
And there is such a great treasure in you – God Himself, Christ in you!
Christ is in you, and you’re going to get to enjoy His friendship forever and ever, to experience His glorious presence loving on you and flowing in and through you forever and ever!


  1. Dear sparrow, that is so very beautiful. I wouldn't. mind at all he you posted that same message word for word, every day for the next year. thank you. Woolly

  2. As I read today's post, I realize that my mind is full of subtle "buts". God loves you but... . Christ and you are one but.... I am healed but... And it goes on. It is so refreshing to read that there are no buts to my relationship with the Lover of my soul. I have everything, I am all that I need to be, I am lovely and complete in every way in Christ. Thank you for such wonderful reminders.

  3. Woolly, yes, such a wonderful message this gospel is..I could hear this message every day too! I think that we need it so much, especially when we get soul-weary in this daily life!

  4. Paul, I have those same 'buts' in my mind too..and yet what a wonderful truth you share, that the good news has no "But" - ! Amazing that there are no stipulations, conditions, qualifications, or expectations that come with it! It is just pure and simple, free and good news all around! Wow! In the past I have heard wonderful truths about God's love and care and our acceptance and completeness in Christ..and I have seen them as being in a circle off to the side somewhere, with me always outside that circle. But that is not how it is at all, is it!? We are all inside the circle, we can't get out of the circle, for it encompasses everything and everyone in all creation! We can't get away from such a big Love, the Love that is His presence, loving and caring for us, including us, holding us, carrying us no matter what! I read a quote recently that sticks with me so much lately: "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference (boundary) is nowhere." Wow! We have never been outside the circle of the gospel, His blessings, His grace, His love, His presence! What a relief to find we've been safe with Him from all eternity, He's had the end wrapped up since before the beginning, He's had us in His arms all along! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! We cannot be outside a God who is everywhere, a Love who is in everyone..He holds all things together, He surely hold us!

  5. It came to me this morning that deep down somewhere within me, for as far back as I can remember, there’s been this belief that there is something about me that is ‘missing’ somehow.  Somewhere within me where  I fall short and that I need to do something in order to shore this up, to make it/me whole.  Or, somewhere I have to get to in order to be alright. Some doctrine or belief I have to follow or strengthen.  Some journey which I have to go on, a desert to cross, a mountain to climb, a battle to be fought.  That I need to get closer to Jesus, or God, or know them more or feel their presence more, or BE in their presence more.  As if holding my hands up higher, or praying with certain words or sounds, or sitting in a grander, deeper silence, as if any of these could bring me closer to Love who already is my ALL, is my EVERYWHERE, is my ALWAYS.  Long ago I was told that I was broken and needed fixing and I’ve lived like that ever since.  Or that I was dirty and needing cleansed.  I received an article today about gold being purified and refining and it led me to think – I’ve always looked on this refining process as all of my impurities working their way up to the surface so that they can be skimmed off – these impurities were my sins, my dirty bits and how God was working on these and taking them away (why then did they keep coming back!).  How much different it is to see that what is being removed is my blindness, my deafness, my narrow perception of who I really am, who We are, that what is being removed is this veil of lies keeping me from seeing the truth!

    So it really helps when I read through your post again and find that you said “I’ve discovered that God already put me at rest through Christ’s perfect work, and that Christ will manifest through me without my help” That is such a wonder, just finding myself remembering more and more that all I need ever do  is to rest!  All that’s needing done has been done.  When you’re so used to doing ‘something’ all your life, doing ‘nothing’ can be hard, lol!  Even writing this now there’s a slight feeling of rebellion within me saying, yeah, but there must be SOMETHING needing done! I heard once that “even doing nothing is doing something”

    Thanks Sparrow, I’m looking forward to Day 29!

  6. Woolly, I have felt like you my whole life too, that there was always something to do, to get to, to be alright..that I was always a bit 'off' somewhere and needed fixing or refining, like you mentioned..but lately God has been showing me that hey, what if nothing was ever wrong with me to begin with? What if I have always been whole, fine, alright, and pure!? What if I never needed fixing or changing, and all that was ever 'needed' was to see this truth of my 'already' wholeness as His child, in His image! What a relief to be able to rest from our effort to improve or 'get somewhere' - realizing we already ARE, we are already there - in Him, and with Him in us!

  7. wonderful Joy to be here and God bless you who are reading that write with joy tome and le the Lord be glorified by our a good deeds with o love and living by the Spiriti no by flesh nor souls desire ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14