Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good Little Ones

Everyone is a "good egg" -

Our basic humanity is good, made in His good image.

Everybody wants to be loved and to love.

Deep down our motives are pure and innocent.

We're all sweet, open, good little children inside.

We're lovely little ones, the ones we were as toddlers!

We're little bitty children, needing love and being naturally open and loving.

We look to others and listen to many other voices and outside experiences to find out if we have worth and are okay and safe..but there is ONE VOICE that outweighs them all, and when we hear that Voice saying we're okay, even wonderful, and that everything is okay, even wonderful, and that everything will work out okay, even wonderful, then we really start to relax and believe it.  We are grounded, we are centered, we are anchored, for we truly are experiencing Reality - Real Life - His Life in us!


  1. Do you mean those who are in Christ? Or all of humanity? Adam was made in God's image but then ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree revealed the "good" and the "bad" egg that Adam was. It wasn't just the tree of evil. It was the knowledge of both good and evil. So all humanity has "good" indeed. But also "bad." Those in Christ have been restored to holy, just and righteous.


    1. Sarah, thank you for your comment, you made some great points and I see what you mean. You know, I wonder if the tree didn't reveal us as half good, half bad but instead made us 'think' that's what we were! Law thinking divides up everything into good and bad. God only saw all that He had made as 'very good.' What do you think? Law thinking can confuse me and make me do bad things, but law thinking doesn't change the fact that God made me in His image of love, right? Just thinking, here. It's exciting to think about!
      I just think that I mean that when I look at a newborn baby, I can't call that little one bad or even half-bad..I can only see innocence there, goodness and sweetness. I think that must be how God sees all of us humans, as His human babies in His arms. I just can't get that image out of my mind of God holding humanity in His arms as a little infant, understanding our cries and pains and seeing only sweetness and innocence in us. I know our minds got confused and Jesus came in a rescue operation and freed our minds with the truth so we could really enjoy relationship with Papa. But I think He's always seen us as His dear little babies, you know?
      Sending lots of love and peace to you! Thanks for writing! It's been great to read your thoughts and ponder this idea!

    2. I know there is a scripture that says we were enemies in our minds (Col 1:21), but that's not the full story. People are building a doctrine that says we (humans) were never 'bad' or never had a sinful nature, all based upon a few hand-selected verses, failing to look at all the scriptures and see the bigger picture.

      Romans 1 says that the gospel is the power of God for salvation, because what's revealed in it is God's righteousness. (Romans 1:16-17) This is then immediately (beginning in verse 18) contrasted with the problem - the reason humans needed to have God give them His righteousness as a gift. The problem was that "the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all the *ungodliness* and *unrighteousness* of men, who suppress the truth in *unrighteousness.* Isaiah had previously revealed that man's righteousness was as filthy rags to God. (Isaiah 6:46). Roman 1 goes on to give all kinds of examples of the problem. It was a very real problem. Sin had entered the world through Adam, and death through sin.

      "Law thinking" doesn't distort this. Understanding the purpose of the law helps to reveal why a solution was needed. The law didn't distort man's thinking. The law showed that the problem was really real. (The problem with law thinking in the church is that the church continues to use the law in the lives of believers, as if the law can actually do something to solve the problem. The law, of course, was a mirror to show mankind the problem they had). Again, the law showed that the problem of man's unrighteousness was really real, and it showed that man needed to be made righteous - justified. If we were "good" all along, why would we need to be made righteous? Reading all of Romans, and all of Galatians, and all of Colossians, and all of Philippians - all of these epistles as a whole - gives the bigger picture, rather than just picking and choosing a single verse here and there. Also, reading Matthew (as one example), and seeing how Jesus ministered under the law, is of great help too. Why didn't Jesus just come and tell them that they were good all along? Why did Jesus say some pretty harsh things? Because His law ministry was designed to do exactly what the law was meant to do. To show people that they were guilty as sinners and needed a solution - the Savior, which would be Him.

      I'm sorry to ramble on here. I came across your blog and I seriously never intended to make a fuss. :) These are my thoughts and I'm thankful that you took the time to respond to my original comment.


    3. And I appreciate all you've said here and I want to say that yes, I understand about us being unrighteous under/according to the law and how Jesus came to take away our sin and take us out from under law so we are justified/righteous. I guess here I was more talking about just who we are in our basic humanity as God made us, such as how a newborn baby is. Hope that makes sense - sometimes I can't even understand my own thinking, haha! :)

  2. Sarah, I get to rambling too and don't want to make a fuss either. I see what you are saying and believed the same for a long time. I am just now starting to consider something different and I could be wrong, am still learning, just open to these other ways of thinking. I hope nothing I said has offended you in any way. We both know that God loves all people and Jesus came to save us.. That's the important thing, and I think you'd say the same. Sometimes I get to sharing my own beliefs and hope I don't ever come across as saying 'this is the only way to think, I know I'm right' etc. I heard a wonderful statement: Doctrine divides, Love includes! I have to be careful not to get too caught up in these interesting theological ideas to the point of forgetting love and just fellowshipping with God and others. So I just want to send some love over to you my sister and thank you for all your wisdom and sharing. I love that we can be sisters in Him even if we see things in slightly different ways. So I Send out lots of love to you and thank you for dropping by here at my little blog-nook! Blessings to you, Sarah, from Sparrow


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14