Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Favorite Quotes from Steve McVey

On Forgiveness:

"Before we were born, God saw our lives and identified every sin that we would commit.  Jesus carried all those sins to the cross with Him and God canceled the debt.  Every sin of our lifetime has been forgiven...

"The real God is a forgiving God who never becomes angry with those who are His.  The empty tomb put a smile on the face of God  - a smile that has never gone away."

On Grace:

"Grace accepts people on the basis of unconditional love..grace accepts and loves others regardless of their actions.  It doesn't set out to change what people DO.  It looks beyond what people do and affirms them for who they ARE, encouraging them...

"Grace never heaps guilt, shame or condemnation on people.  Grace heaps unconditional love on people.  Grace accepts us just as we are!"

On the Purpose of Eternal Life:

"Jesus didn't give us eternal life so that we would know what to DO;  He gave us eternal life so that we could know HIM by sharing His life."

                                                                        Steve McVey

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