Saturday, June 11, 2011

God Wants Us Around

It hit me yesterday that our times of just "hanging out" with God don't just bless us - they bless HIM  as well! 

God actually wants us around!  He loves being with us and loves our company!  It blesses His great heart to have us communing with Him.  He truly delights in our company!

What a Friend!

It's so nice to know that we have a Friend

  • who loves us unconditionally
  • who is never too busy to talk
  • who loves to laugh with us and to hear us laugh 
  • who truly rejoices with us and weeps with us
  • who stands up for us and defends us against our accusers
  • who comes along to bear our burdens so we don't feel alone
  • who  won't discard us when we seem no longer "useful" to him
  • who isn't just "using" us
  • who isn't just tolerating us but really likes our company
  • who actually enjoys our company
  • who truly enjoys hearing all we have to say
  • who never judges or criticizes
  • who always builds us up, never tears us down'
  • who won't kick us when we're down
  • who WANTS us for a friend
  • who thinks we're amazing, wonderful, and worth knowing
  • who is actually blessed by our companionship
  • who will faithfully keep all our secrets
  • who won't ever desert us or abandon us
  • who will always be there for us
  • who just loves our times of being together
  • who is faithful no matter what
  • who lets us be real
  • who accepts us as we are 
  • who doesn't demand that we change or improve 
  • who always speaks to us in love
  • who won't be driven away by our rants and quirks and failures
  • who still loves us even when we lash out at him
  • who feels our pain and cares about our hurts
  • who truly understands us, always
  • who says we're his best friend
  • who won't replace us sometime with someone he likes more
  • who does everything in his power to help us and encourage us
  • who is there for us whenever we need him
  • who delights in and celebrates our personality
  • who won't ever be irritable or angry with us
  • who will be our BEST FRIEND forever
Thank You, Lord, that You are our Best Friend!  It amazes me that You want me around, that You won't discard or desert me, that You treat me as Your best friend and see this friendship as so important and valuable to You that You would be dying to have us in fellowship!  I have always felt so lonely, always felt people were just tolerating me, and that once they found out what I was really like  they would leave.  I have always wanted a friend who would truly love me for me and not leave me.  I have found that Friend in You a thousand times over.  You are all I could ever hope for in a Friend and in a God!  Thank You forever!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14