Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grace = Effortless Life!

I just read a wonderful quote from Bertie Brits:

"Any verse in the Bible - even in the NT written by Paul - that does not reveal GRACE (effortless life) is simply misunderstood.  Any scripture that is seen as something that we need to do to contribute to HIS work is MISUNDERSTOOD.  Don't be blinded by a scripture that seems to contradict the simple Gospel of HIS LIFE IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU FREELY."

"If it's not effortless it is flesh."

Wow!  Grace means effortless life, because God by His Spirit is flowing through us!  Anything of our effort or our work, anything that seems hard or something we must struggle to 'do' is just flesh.  We don't contribute to His Life!  His Life is more than sufficient, infinitely sufficient, all on its own!  That is the Life that we now have in us, the Life that naturally rises up and flows through us.  That is the Life that is freely given to us and freely pours out of us without our effort.  In fact, we are in union with that Life! That is the Life that is OUR very life!  

Living by grace is effortless!

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  1. Hey this is so awesome. I've have the desire for the effortless life. I have a week where in God is showing me to let go and let Him & even tho it feel unnatural, it's so much better. But then in the weekend I come back to church, meet Christians and am all back into a must do, must act mode. And it seems so right, it's confusing. Then there's the "what must I do" q that raises up. What you say is so confirming to me, same Spirit same revelation :) It is the truth! joh6:63 I would like to contact u :) Love & Grace Kars


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