Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wonderful Words from Bertie Brits

"Any verse in the Bible - even in the New Testament written by Paul - that does not reveal GRACE (effortless life) is simply misunderstood.  Any scripture that is seen as something that we need to do to contribute to HIS work is MISUNDERSTOOD.  don't be blinded by a scripture that seems to contradict the simple Gospel of HIS LIFE IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU FREELY.  If it is not effortless it is flesh."                                                                                  Bertie Brits

Wow, I love that!  I have been confused by certain scriptures in the past, coming as I did from a more performance-oriented background.  I had probably put 'works' and 'effort' and 'should' and 'must' into verses because of my legalistic perceptions.  What a relief to know that God is gracious and loving, and that even the scriptures I don't understand will eventually become clear in the light of GRACE! 

It helps me to know that if I read the scriptures and feel condemned, tense, pressured, and wanting to focus on self-effort, I must be confused, because His Word of Grace is always life-giving and liberating, joyful and releasing!  His Word of Grace always frees and lifts us rather than depressing and crushing us.  His Word of Grace always points to Jesus, not us.  His Word of Grace lifts off burdens rather than putting on burdens!  His Word of Grace is always life and healing, not death and despair. 

Grace is the New Covenant that we are in, the ministry of the Spirit and of Life, so we can interpret every scripture through the lens of grace and His Life, not law and our works which are a dead-end.  As Bertie says so well, "If if is not effortless it is flesh."  It's all about His work in and through me while I rest.  What a blessed relief for someone who gets worn out trying to do enough, be enough, change enough, measure up enough...ad nauseum!

Thank You, Lord, that the Gospel is all about Christ living in me FREELY through the Holy Spirit !  Oh, how I need to hear that today and just lean back in Your arms and REST!  Thank You that when we get caught up in the "doings" at times, we can just STOP and fall back into the arms that never let go of us for a minute!  Thank You for loving and delighting in us at all times, whether we're basking in Your presence or confused and troubled or even on a wearying flesh-trip.  Thank You that You are unwavering in pouring out Your life and love and Spirit in us!  You are a river in us that never, never, NEVER runs dry!  Amen..


  1. Here's another great revelation from Bertie: "God opens a door that no man can shut". I always thought the door was a door I needed to ENTER but the door is an EXIT door!!!! Exit from the Old Covenant into the New Covenant of the Finished Work of Jesus!!!


  2. I signed up to receive these awesome articles daily and it was confirmed but now I am not receiving them.... can you help?

  3. Dear Anon, I love the Bertie quote you shared about the door being an exit from the Law into Grace! What a relief to be out of the "law house" and into the "grace house" - thank you for sharing...about receiving the posts, I don't have one every single day, but you should start receiving them every 3 or 4 days..let me know if there is a problem..

    Thanks for stopping by here and for sharing!

  4. I am Anon, Dorothy Moran. I love your articles! I see that you have left the exit door, too. I have been learning from Bertie for the last couple of years by accessing his video and audio teachings. I love that he showed me how to exit the "law house" and to never want to go there again! The Scriptures are becoming clearer and clearer! It is such a joy to show others the way out and into the "grace house"! You will love this site as I do ---- dynamicministries.com

  5. Hi, Dorothy, so nice to meet you here! I like Bertie Brits too, it is such a joy to be in the grace house, safe and sound forever, isn't it! Blessings to you, dear sis, I can feel the light and joy coming through your words!


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