Friday, July 27, 2012

Gregg Gibbons on the Call to Relationship

Here is another of the weekly newsletters sent out by my friend and brother in Christ, Gregg Gibbons.  A lot of what is written below is by his friend, Mike Daniel.

It was so touching to read this newsletter, and I really wanted to pass it along and share it!

What a relief to read in this newsletter about what God wants - not so much for us to DO something for Him or become BETTER, but for Him to DO something for us and give us the BEST - a perfect relationship with Him!

Wasn't that the whole point of the cross and resurrection and sending of the Spirit?  So that God and man could be together in perfect union and fellowship for all time, with Him filling us with Himself, so we could enjoy abundant life with Him - that is what LIFE was meant to be!  Walking with our Dear Savior, Father, and Friend forever in a love relationship!  It's so tempting to get into works, issues, struggles, and the things of the natural life.  But we have something so much better - a SUPERnatural life in union with our Loving God!

Here is the newsletter, called "The Call to Relationship" -

When it pleased God
who separated me from my mother's womb
and called me through His grace,
so that I might preach Him.
Galatians 1:15-16 

I love how this verse reveals that we, as God's children, are not called to do anything for God, but that, first  and foremost, we are called for God to do something most glorious for us: 


When God the Father reveals the life of His Son in us, He is moving us to do everything in relation to His Son.  In the above verse, only after Christ was revealed in Paul was Paul moved to preach Christ (and not to preach about Christ).

The following biblical-based notes by my  friend Mike Daniel have encouraged me during trying circumstances this year.  You can read more at 

God has designed every single circumstance in your life, no matter how small or how large, to have a relational purpose with His dear Son.

God is not calling you to overcome circumstances.  He is calling you into a deeper reliance and relationship with the indwelling Christ in the circumstances.

God is not calling you to be better at your finances.  He is calling you into a deeper reliance and relationship with Him as your Source of all your provisions and as your Wisdom with what you do with your finances. 

God is not calling you to be a better spouse.  He is calling you into a deeper reliance and relationship with Him to love your spouse through you with the very love of Christ.

So, God's grace in and through you by the life of Christ is for His renown to be increased, not yours. 

In our Rest Stop verse, Paul responded and related to the revealed life of Christ in him.  It is God's grace that initiates  everything in your life.  God is the Source of true life.  Christ is true life in you.

When you think that you are initiating something in relation to God, you are deceived.  God is the great Initiator.  Christ is always initiating life (His life) in you. 

And God is the gracious Inviter.  He is always inviting you to relate to Him in His grand redemption plan for this world.  What a glorious invitation!

Ian Thomas well said:  Faith is not you getting God engaged in your agenda.  Faith is God drawing you to be personally engaged with Him in His agenda.

And Corrie Ten Boon well said:  It is not my ability but my response to God's ability that counts.


I love how this picture shows a child continuously connected to the risen Christ by holding His glorified, yet still nail-scarred, hand.  The child is simply relating to Jesus as they walk and talk together. 

And this precious child (you) can be sure Jesus is leading you in paths of righteousness and for His Name sake! 

This relationship is thriving in you each moment through the Holy Spirit!  You are united with the life of Christ and God your Father is providing you, His child, every need to fulfill the purposes He invites you into with Him!

Gregg Gibbons

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