Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Putting Your Hands in God's Hands....Safe, Not Scary!

I am thanking God for peace today, feeling like a little child looking up into His face, just waiting on Him today for Him to love on me and share His Word with me, realizing what a good thing it is to be in His hand..

You know, Satan always made me think it was scary to "put your life in God's hands", as if He would then do some terrible thing to me like put me in a car accident to teach me a lesson or make me go preach in the faraway jungle with no proper restroom for miles around..so I always felt that to put my life in God's hands would be miserable or frightening.

But really, putting our life in God's hands means it is finally safe! 

We are finally delivered from Satan's harm!  Delivered from bondage!

We are finally cared for the way we've always wanted to be!  We are taken care of and held and loved and cherished and have the love we've looked for all our lives! 

We're not on our own to face the trials of life here on earth, not alone against Satan's attacks!  We have the Almighty God there to fight for us - He always has our back!

Now we are protected and helped, blessed and given all we need, strength, peace, joy, direction, power, clarity..wow! 

Putting one's life in God's hands is not a scary thing but a happy and safe thing..because God, being Pure Love, 100% Love, will never hurt, harm or bruise my heart. 

He knows all the wounded places and is here to bind up and heal, not wound and tear apart. 

He'll be understanding and patient with me, never get exasperated with my confusion or failings, even when I make the same mistake over and over! 

He will always handle me gently. 

He is so good and never to be feared.  For so long I feared Him.  Now I am learning more and more to trust.  Every new experience is a chance for me to experience  Him demolishing another fear and freeing my soul in another way to really see and receive His love and help!


  1. "or make me go preach in the faraway jungle with no proper restroom for miles around."

    LOL!! Definitely not a problem for men. Men would simply look at the jungle and say, "Ahh, restroom surrounds me."

    I do recall living those fears as a former fundamental baptist. I used to worry that God would give me a disease to make me faithful or to stop a particular sin. However, God is not in the business of making a Christian out of our flesh. The transformation never comes through fear or disease but rather by the renewing of our minds.

    Good post!



  2. Sparrow ,
    Thank you for bringing into light and putting into words this subject . I have felt the same way many times . jesus love always !

  3. Thanks so much for the comments!

    This is definitely a subject I am still learning about, you know..lots of old false ideas to be demolished by the truth of God's grace.

    It is so true that when these ideas are brought into the light of God's truth and grace, they are seen to be crazy and nonsensical...What parent would say, alright, my child trusts me with his life, so now I will do terrible things to him..ridiculous! That's not a good parent but a child abuser!! Yet in the past that is what the enemy has whispered in my ear about God's ways of fathering me.

    It's been a relief to start to find out how the enemy's lie is just that..a lie, not true at all! That the Father's heart toward me is really ALL good!!

    Isn't it so great to find out how truly GOOD He is?!? I feel like I am seeing more how His is heart is the safest place of all, the most blessed place of all, the most delightful and fulfilling place of all for us to be!

    Blessings to you both, Matt and Dave!

  4. THAT's good stuff! For a long time, even until now, I have had this nagging fear that God teaches through putting us, or allowing us to go through gutwrenching pain to teach us, and for that reason, I often held back from Him. Thanks for this Biblical corrective. Yes, hard things do come, but God hold us IN them! Thanks & God Bless you.

  5. David, thank you for your comment!

    I have felt just as you have for a long time, too. And as I am just now learning this new way of seeing God as so good, it amazes me to think that God doesn't put terrible things upon us. Instead, He gives every "good and perfect gift" and "withholds no good thing" from us, for He "richly blesses all who call upon Him" and "gives us richly all things to enjoy." Wow! I really need to think on that more and more and really get this message into my mind, you know?

    I like how you said that God holds us IN the hard times! It makes me think of the verses in Isaiah somewhere, where God says that in the water and fire, He will be with us and the fire won't burn us, the waters won't cover us. He is with us in those hard times and He makes sure that we come through those times and even over them, that they don't defeat us! He is such a good God, isn't He?

    God bless,


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14