Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rob Rufus on the Difference Between Law and Grace

I love this comparison of Law vs. Grace!  Rob Rufus shows us how far superior the covenant of grace is compared to the covenant of law!  After finding out about grace, who would want to go back to law anyway?  As I've heard it said, moving from law to grace is "like dropping green baloney when somebody offers you a filet mignon!"  (Mike Fitzpatrick)

Enjoy this comparison! I'm rejoicing in the better covenant today!! 

"The law demands absolute perfect standard of God's righteousness from you. 
Grace gives you God's free gift of righteousness freely. 

The law says, "Do, do, do." 
Grace says, "It's done, it's done, it's done, you're safe. You're safe, my Bride. You're safe, my Beloved. You're safe, my son. You're safe, my daughter. You're accepted in the Beloved. You're righteous forever in his eyes. Your mistakes, your sins, your failures I remember no more." And when the ultimate sacrifice is made, no more sacrifices are necessary. 

The law makes you conscious of sin. Grace makes you conscious of being the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. 

The law always condemns you. Grace never condemns you. 

[The law makes you feel like hiding from His presence.]
Grace lifts you into the cloud of his presence and into the cloud of his unfading glory. 

The law took the disobedience of first Adam and condemned us all. 
Grace took the obedience of Jesus and declared you to be perfectly righteous in the Father's eyes. 

Under the law, God says, "I will by no means forget your sins." 
Under grace, God says, "I will by no means ever remember all of your sins ever again, past, present, and future." 

The law is a revelation of how much is wrong with you. 
Grace is a revelation of how perfectly right with God you are through the cross and through the gift of righteousness. 

Under law sin abounded. 
But under grace, grace super-excessively-far more abounded. 

The law makes you self-conscious. 
Grace makes you Christ-conscious. The law makes you ask, "What must I do? Should I go to the Kurds?" Grace asks, "What has Jesus done already?""

Rob Rufus (from a sermon preached in Oct., 2012, Atlanta, GA)

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