Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walking with Jesus from Incarnation to Ascension - Day 12 - Jesus is Our Origin and Our Destiny

"It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for."   Eph. 1:11 MSG

God is opening my eyes more to understand more about the Incarnation, and I wanted to write some more thoughts here: The Word is the sum of God’s thought, the expression of His very Being, His sharing of Himself, the outshining of who He is – Jesus Christ is the final and clear Word of God, the express image of His Person and the exact picture of God in a flesh body!

This Word of God became flesh and appeared in tangible form on earth, and looking at Him we saw what we ourselves were made of, saw our design and origin, saw ourselves truly for who we really are, saw our true identity! We saw that we are expressions of God as well, saw that we are like Him and are actually His children, derived from Him as our source and belonging to Him. We saw that we are in Him, connected with Him, for His is our origin and life in whom we exist! We also saw who God is, what the essence of God is, His true nature and identity! Some of the Old Testament accounts may have confused us about who God is, made us wonder if He was mean or demanding or harsh, but we could trust the picture of God that Jesus gave us, being His exact image and likeness, the final word about Him! And what a relief to find out through Jesus what God is really like – loving, caring, non-judgmental, forgiving, healing, kind, generous, non-vindictive, non-retaliatory, approachable, open, welcoming, accepting, inviting, good – full of GRACE! So in Him we see God and ourselves, too!

So what I am seeing so far is wonderful: Jesus showed us our origin in God, that we are from Him and thus truly His children. Jesus showed us God’s true nature was that of a loving, gracious Father and also our own identity was that of beloved children. So He revealed to us our origin in God and our identity as God’s children.

But now God is showing me something even more beautiful…Jesus also showed us not only our origin but also our destiny in God! The Word is our very origin, for through Him we were made and of Him we were made – He is our blueprint, our spiritual DNA and the very fabric of our being! So being our Origin, Creator and Original Design/Blueprint, He has a connection and a claim on us that is prior to and superior to the connection we have with Adam, or Adam’s sin! God is showing me that part of what that means is that when Jesus came, He truly represented man in a bigger and deeper way than Adam, because we came from the Word before we ever came from Adam! So everything Jesus did He did as the true head and origin of our race, and so everything He did applied to us, was passed down to us, became true of us, affected us! He took us into His reality and brought us with Him into everything He did, every choice He made, everything He experienced, all the way through His earthly trust and obedience to the Father, through His death to sin on the cross and to His resurrection in life and ascension to reign in glory by the Father’s side! That’s our history and destiny now, all wrapped up in what Christ did!

I like to walk in the little patch of woods behind our house every morning and see the sun filter through the leafy trees, and it is there that I ponder the things I am learning in the class, and God walks with me and helps me understand things. The other day I was thinking with Him as I walked, thinking about all the mistakes I’d made in life and some of the messed up areas of my experience. I was feeling pretty bad and ashamed of some of these areas. And God started showing me in a new way what Jesus did and is doing for me, that when He came, it was like He went back into the garden (which had become a wilderness because of Adam’s sin) and where Adam had fallen into temptation, HE overcame the temptation! Where Adam had eaten of the knowledge of good and evil tree and made a space for evil to ‘exist’, and thus saw things unravel from their true design, Jesus ate only of the Life tree and didn’t allow evil to ‘exist’, thus things came out just as they were designed to be! Where Adam’s fall had sent creation in a downward spiral toward nothingness, Jesus’ trust in God sent creation on an upward spiral into eternal life in enjoyment of God’s presence in and through all! Jesus entered this mess we humans had made and worked everything backward into life..He rewrote my history and gave me His destiny, for my existence is truly all wrapped up in Him now, not in Adam! Jesus had a prior claim on me that went back farther than Adam, so all He did representing me becomes mine and outweighs anything Adam had done! The grace of the cross and resurrection outweighed the fall into legalism! Life outweighed death! Light eliminated darkness!

It reminded me of a movie we watched with the kids – Meet the Robinson’s. In this movie, two orphan boys share a room in the orphanage, and one boy (Louis) keeps the other little boy (Goob) up late one night because he is working on a science project. Because Goob had not gotten his sleep, he falls asleep during the championship baseball game, missing an important catch, causes his team to lose the game, and suffers the anger and rejection of his teammates. Goob’s life degenerates from there and he never recovers from this terrible day – he turns to a criminal lifestyle and wants to ruin Louis’ life. Through his evil deeds, he the world gets taken over by an evil robot (you’d have to see the movie for this to make sense, but anyway..) Louis, however, becomes an inventor and builds a time machine. He has a chance to go backward in time and save the world from the evil robot..and while he is back there in the past, he goes to the baseball game that fateful day, calls out ‘Goob!’ loudly at just the right moment, awakening Goob, who catches the baseball, causing the team to win the championship game, making him a hero and changing his life into a good and happy one! Louis actually changes Goob’s destiny through his one simple act of kindness! And he saves the whole world too! There is a scene in the movie where the whole world, shrouded in dark colors, all ruined and ugly, suddenly gets transformed into a beautiful world full of color and sunshine, all because of Louis’ going back and fixing history to make it come out right..I love that scene, and it makes me think of what happened when Jesus died and rose, it was like washing the whole creation with grace and life and transforming everything from the decay and degeneration into nothingness into the way it was designed to be all along, full of God’s beautiful and glorious and radiant LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT!

He swallows up evil, sins, shame, guilt, wrong beliefs, lies, false identity, struggles, depression, sickness, decay, accusations, condemnation, violence, suspicion, feelings of separation, hatred, wars, religious thinking, and even death…swallows it all up in Life! He makes His history and destiny mine! He takes all the messes I’ve made in this life and works them into victories..makes sin work backward into innocence…makes nothingness of lies into the substance of His reality…makes darkness into light…makes death into life! He will make everything come out right in the end, right all wrongs, making everyone friends again, healing all hurts, making everything whole and perfect…He has already done it all, already reconciled all to Him, and I really believe that all will come to experience that fully, that it will be fully manifested at last! Heaven on earth, in us and through us, and the future has already started! To me, the Incarnation was the beginning of this wonderful unworking of death into life! Wow, it just gives me such relief and joy that He has made everything okay and will manifest that okay-ness, that completeness, righting all my messes and making everything beautiful again in my gives me such hope and joy…not one of my messes or sin disasters is permanent and beyond fixing…He has already brought harmony again through the cross and will manifest this making everything well between all people, so we are all enjoying our relationship with God and with each other…all will be well..and God will be all in all!


  1. Hi Sparrow,
    This is so beautiful, such a wonderful picture that you’ve painted it really helps me see from our Father’s perspective.

    There is no distance, no separation, for you don’t see any distance or separation between us, Father. And if you don’t see it, Father then the way I see it just isn’t true - and you’ve been telling us this all along, Emmanuel, God with us!
    There is no darkness, only light from your point of view. For me, I have difficulty seeing you, but you have no problem at all seeing me clearly all day, every day!
    Yes, it is amazing to think that I might feel as if I am falling, falling, losing ground, a battle, faith or hope and yet it SIMPLY ISN’T TRUE! I am always in you, Father, safe in you and you in me!!!

    This reminds me of some lines from a lovely poem I heard Corrie ten Boom say, “wonderful Lord, He was there all the time, He has never forsaken you yet” Here is the full poem.

    Jesus Heard when you prayed last night, He talked with God about you
    Jesus was there, when you fought your fight, He is going to bring you through
    Jesus knew when you shed those tears, so, you did not weep alone
    For the burden you thought too heavy to bear, He made it His very own
    Jesus himself was touched by that trial, which you could not understand
    Jesus stood by as you almost fell and lovely grasped your hand
    Jesus cared when you bore that pain, indeed He bore it too
    He felt each pain, each ache in your heart, because of His love for you
    Jesus was grieved when you doubted His love, but He gave you grace to go on
    Jesus rejoiced as you trusted Him, the most Trustworthy One
    His presence shall ever be with you, no need to be anxious or fret
    Wonderful Lord, He was there all the time, He has never forsaken you yet!

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Sparrow,
    Just have to say that your last paragraph, gave me a lovely picture of mankind as a whole being called from the grave. Jesus, our Lord of Love calling us forth and slowly and gently over the years, unravelling our burial cloths, then finally taking the cover from off of our eyes. We will finally see him face to face and see just who has done this wonderful, marvellous thing for us!
    Blessings to all,

  3. Patrick, I love that poem, it touches my heart!! Thank you for sharing it with us! He is so good to us, always there with us through every situation, going through it with us from inside us, buoying us up and carrying us along! And I love what you shared about the picture of mankind as a whole coming forth from the grave into His life!!! Wow! I thank You, Papa, for being such a loving and caring Father and for being with us, inside our skin, through the Spirit, Christ living through us so we don't even have to face things in this life, You will do it for us, You will take care of us, You are carrying us all along in Your life and will bring us all home to see You face to face, oh how beautiful You are, how You just love happy endings and how happy we are to know You as our dear Father! You are everything to us!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14