Monday, December 1, 2014

We ARE That!

How long we have spent trying to get somewhere, trying to change and be better, trying to attain a sense of being 'okay' with God and life..trying to get close to God, get a deeper relationship with Him, get Him to flow out of us more..yet all that was always unnecessary, because all along we have been already there, already at what we were looking for, already who we wanted to be, already one with the One we were seeking!

We can truly say we are not trying to become one, trying to become good, trying to become holy, trying to become filled, trying to become loving, for we ARE that!  It's our identity, our nature, who we are as God's dear children!  The children share the same nature as the Parent.  God is Love, therefore so are we, His kids!  And not only that, we are connected with God so intimately that we are actually part of Him.  Christ even says He is the head and we are His body - all one Person, we being part of God Himself!  Talk about being caught up in a Life greater than your own, a story and existence far beyond your own earthly life!

Whatever it is we have sometimes searched for, longed for, or hoped to have or become, we can now know that we ARE that!  We ARE goodness, we ARE kindness, we ARE wholeness, we ARE fullness, we ARE faithfulness, we ARE holiness, we ARE peace, we ARE joy, we ARE love - we ARE God in these mortal bodies!  He is our deepest, truest, most real part, the core in us that makes us who we are, the Self that is our deepest most real self!  Just as Christ said, so can we say, "I and my Father are ONE."  With ONE, there is no separation, no lack.  With ONENESS, all is well, all is perfect, all is whole and complete.  With ONENESS there is no struggle to become - for we already ARE - there is no trying, there is only BE-ing in quietness and peace and joy, in perfect communion and intimacy.  With ONENESS there is no more trying to know, there is simply knowing and being known, complete transparency and fellowship.  We are truly part of God, we are at rest, we are satisfied, we are grounded, we are secure, we are safe, we are held, we are home, we are Love! 

We're never a separate self trying to become one with God or let Him flow through..we are part of God, one essence, there's no 'middle man' of a separate individual that has to 'do' or 'believe' or even 'understand' something to achieve oneness or allow the flow of love..we ARE That already, we ARE the Love we long for, love flows out of us because we ARE Flowing Love, we ARE part of God and can't be separated from Him any more than we could be separated from our own selves, for really 'we' and 'He' are one and the same in essence and connection and being and truth! We are God in these bodies, by nature and design!There is nothing to do, get to, or become.  We don't have to do, we can simply BE!  At all times we are effortlessly, naturally being Love Himself in these mortal bodies!  Be yourself - that's Him, wow!  Act natural - that's the Spirit in manifestation, wow!  Love because it's all you can do, because it's all you comes naturally since it's Who you ARE as "I AM!" 


  1. What a wonderful thought to start off December with. We are one and God is with us always has been always will be one with us! Thanks again, Sparrow. WOOLLY

  2. Woolly, I love that..we've always had this One-der-full oneness with Him! It brings such rest to know this..Blessings to you and your family!

  3. This post is awesome . Thank you very much !


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14