Friday, January 30, 2015

Grace is Everywhere!

Grace is everywhere, it is the fabric of the universe, for this whole universe, all of it, every part, is made from God's own being, and He is the one pulsing in the very fiber of the creation itself! 

Truly we are made of God-matter, and HE Is all grace and love, wow!  That means we are made of LOVE, not indifferent matter, and this universe is built upon GRACE, not law!  This whole universe is held together by strands of love and grace ...knit together with compassion... its seams made of pure goodness, of God our Papa Himself! 

What a wonderful loving Hand is beneath us, holding us up and carrying us along at all times?  Who could escape Him or get away from this loving presence when it (HE!) is the very fabric that makes up our own world, our own cells, our own existence!  

I am so glad we can't get away from, can't be separated from such a LOVE, such a Father and Friend!  For He is Life, Love, the atmosphere we breathe and the energy that holds us up and buoys us along and carries us into the full experience of enjoying life, enjoying His presence, enjoying being held in His arms!  Everyone is already there in His arms, can't be anywhere else, for there is nowhere else to be!  HE is all and in all and all things are "from Him, and through Him, and TO Him!" 

What a safe universe it is when we realize HE is the unseen force behind it all and HIS is the heart that beats at its center!


  1. Yes , I believe !

  2. Hi sparrow and Mathew! Its so nice to hear from you both, I found a lovely song that I thought you might like. Its called grateful

  3. Woolly thank you so much for sharing this link, wonderful!

  4. Nancy, I have missed you. I pray that everything is okay with you.

  5. Steve thank you for your kind words..I find that I am feeling very quiet right now, with not much to post..just feeling very peaceful and at ease and at rest..just BEing and not really DOing much..hope you are doing well, my brother!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14