Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wonderful thoughts on oneness!

Here are some wonderful thoughts from a facebook friend, Adam Bignell, on how Jesus came to show us that separation between man and God is an illusion:
9:05pm Jan 7
"It seems to me that humanity has always preferred a mediator between them and God. It is also my opinion that it is fear that drives this. The Gospel that preaches separation and delay is stemmed in the need of a mediator. Humanity chose Moses to be the mouthpiece between them and God and it's still the desire of part of Christianity today. However it's interesting that God/Christ the incarnation became another mediator to remove the illusion of separation. Jesus dealt with the fear in the human heart by becoming human and revealing the true nature of the Triune God. Mediation and separation are the same thing. When we allow men, women and ministries to be our relationship with God we enter into the illusion of separation. The incarnations life, death and resurrection has firmly opened our eyes that were blind to see our incredible union that was and is and is to come."  
Adam Bignell, facebook post


  1. Thank you Sparrow. There are days when I am conscious of my need for Jesus to be that mediator, but a whole lot less than there once were. Just like there are days when I still need to turn to read a psalm - and that being a sort of mediation too. Some days I am aware that the Truth is alive in me and I need nothing else at those times! Some days I am aware that I have always been with our Father and I'm so grateful that this is what Jesus came to reveal. Again at those times I need no mediator. There are some days when I need all the mediation I can get - and then some! How about you?

    1. Yes, that is the way it is for me, too! I think for me it is because I always grew up with the teaching of separation and needing a mediator between us and God..there is even the verse that says there is one mediator between God and man - Jesus..yet now God is helping me see that verse in a whole new way, and understand that He wasn't the one needing to be cajoled or brought to think favorably of our relationship, no, it was us! We were seeing separation where there was none and thinking something had to be done to 'fix' ourselves and make ourselves 'okay' with God..when all along we were okay and not needing to be fixed! I am still learning so many things, still have so much to understand, but I am having so much more peace in my life now as this new awareness takes hold..I guess it takes time for it to truly take hold when one has heard and believed the idea of separation for so long..don't you think? As you said, some days we feel we need mediation, and I think He gives what we need..what a wonderful Friend...He will do anything for us, even to the point of dying so that we will feel our sin is gone (when really this sin never came between Him and us in HIS eyes, only in ours!) He is the perfect older brother, isn't He? Always protecting and affirming the deep family relationship we have with Papa! I want to understand this truth of no separation more and more, that there never was and never can be any separation between our Father and! Blessings to you my brother as we journey along this path of discovery and know what 'has always been known' by Him - our deep belovedness, our true oneness, our perfect safety in His arms!

  2. Thanks again Sparrow you have put many of my own thoughts into words for me!
    I was aware of that verse that you mentioned while I was reading your blog and had to remind myself that it was part of a bigger message and to a particular group of people. Once those people had grasped that message then ,erhaps they no longer needed uto hear it. I think that it is the same for us. or else we would never learn and never hear and so move on
    Yet the path shines brighter and brighter :-)
    Sometimes I have to learn over and over again that not all scripture is pertinent to me and my circumstances at any particular time, you know what I mean. And I had to realise that in order for the truth to set of free I had to admit to me that that same truth He lives in me and then let in of study!

  3. In other words, yes, sometimes these things take time for us to feel comfortable enough with them, where we can go from reading them, through hearing them properly and clearly, through to really living them. The whole time thing is for our benefit too!

  4. Wonderful, Woolly, I totally agree..well spoken, my brother!


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