Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delivered from a Sin-Consciousness

Here are some notes I made in my journal recently on being delivered from a sin-consciousness (focusing on what we're doing wrong and wanting to fix it, having guilty and condemned feelings).  I think God works in us to bring us away from sin-consciousness into a consciousness of Him and how He's made us righteous in Christ.  So here are my notes:

We know that all our sin is gone and He doesn't see it anymore.  He remembers it NO MORE!  That means that no matter what we do, God sees us as sinless, in His Son, perfect, as righteous as Christ is, blameless, holy, and in right standing with Him.

He sees us that way because that's the way we are.  He's looking at the spirit, which is the real us.  Our spirits do not sin.  Our spirits have been newly made as pure and righteous, after His image.  We have been made the very righteousness of Christ.  The Spirit of God dwells in us, and where He dwells is holy!  Our spirits are actually joined to the Holy One, to His very Spirit!  That's a perfect union with Perfect Holiness.  We enjoy free and open communion with that Holy Spirit at all times.

So let's look away from our failures and be delivered from a sin conscience.  See yourself as righteous and sin-free like He does.  See and enjoy that perfect relationship.  See yourself in Christ and in the Spirit.  Just enjoy that relationship, free from worrying about sin.  Don't put your focus on trying to stop or avoid sin.  Simply put your focus on Him and the perfect relationship you have with Him.  He is big enough to keep you, so relax and know that He will.  Look at things unseen.  Put your mind on your life with God.

The mind set on the flesh (all that we were in ourselves - think old creation) is death, but the mind set on the Spirit (all that He is in us- think new creation) is life and peace! (Rom. 8:6)

These words were written to remind myself of the truth.  I hope they can encourage someone else as well.  May we all enjoy Son-consciousness rather than sin-consciousness today!

                             With love,

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