Thursday, August 19, 2010

He Included Me

I am so happy in Christ today,
That I go singing along my way;
Yes, I’m so happy to know and say,
“Jesus included me, too.”

Gladly I read, “Whosoever may
Come to the fountain of life today”;
But when I read it I always say,
“Jesus included me, too.”

Ever God’s Spirit is saying, “Come!”
Hear the Bride saying, “No longer roam”;
But I am sure while they’re calling home,
Jesus included me, too.

“Freely come drink,” words the soul to thrill!
O with what joy they my heart do fill!
For when He said, “Whosoever will,”
Jesus included me, too.

Jesus included me, yes, He included me,
When the Lord said, “Whosoever,” He included me;
Jesus included me, yes, He included me,
When the Lord said, “Whosoever,” He included me.

                                                                Johnson Oatman

I remember reading in a book (The Rest of the Gospel, by Dan Stone) that sometimes when speaking of Jesus' work for us and the gift of Himself to us, people will say, that's true, but not for me.  I've said this too.  It's almost as if the mentality is:  "Jesus died, but not for me...forgiveness is real, but not for me...the Holy Spirit is there, but not for me...righteousness is a gift, but not for me...being dead to sin and the law is true, but not for me."  This kind of thinking has left me feeling lacking and unworthy in the past, and like I'm left out of the blessing for some frustrating, unknown reason.  But this kind of thinking is a LIE!  The truth is, God's gift is free and is for everyone!  If you're a "whosoever," then you are included.  Think of all that is wrapped up in His gift of Christ's life to and in us.  And that is for ALL who wish to receive!

It amazes me that His gift is for everyone who wishes, received so easily by simple faith!  I have been thinking lately about the FREE gift He gives.  How could He give so much, offering it as free just for the taking???  It's incredible that He would just give away eternal life to all takers, simply to be received by faith!  And truthfully, doesn't He even give us the grace of faith to receive?  What a good God!  Everything in this life with God is a purely free gift! A gift with not a single string that's grace!

Sometimes we may feel we'll be left out of His gift-giving because we think we're unworthy.  But we don't have to be worthy!  That's why they call His way the way of GRACE!  Grace means a gift you don't have to deserve.  A gift that comes to those troubled by sin and doubt and shame.  For the sins that so trouble us aren't troubling to God - He's already removed them as far as the east is from the west by the death of His Son and He doesn't remember them or ever bring them to mind!  What's on His mind is giving us LIFE!  He longs above all else to give the gift of His very life to all.  Our simple prayer of receptive faith is the prayer God ALWAYS answers, for why wouldn't He?  It's perfectly in line with His will, the will of the One who is not wishing that any would perish but that all would come to know Him.

His gift is freely given to all who desire it.  Noone is left out.  Whoever wishes may come and drink the water of life freely - without cost.  It cost Him everything and it costs us nothing!  All who ask will receive!   There is noone to whom the gift of grace and righteousness and eternal life is denied.  He gives us His very Spirit to live in us and with Him comes life, peace, joy, righteousness, victory, abundance, strength,!  God has placed in our hands the wonderful gift of HIS LIFE, we simply receive it by faith, "Oh, that is mine!  Thank You, Lord!"  That's true for everyone, "whosover" they may be!  We can all say, "yes, it's true, even for me.."

Whosover will, let him take the free gift of the water of life.  Rev. 22:18

When the Lord said "Whosoever," He included you and me!

                    With love to all,

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