Saturday, March 26, 2011

Law Says, Grace Says..

Law says it's all up to me.
Grace says it's all up to Him.

Law says it's all about your performance.
Grace says it's all about His performance.

Law says you must earn your way.
Grace says Jesus earned the way for you.

Law says you must meet all expectations if you want to win.
Grace says Jesus met all expectations and you're already a winner!

Law says keep all the rules.
Grace says enjoy the party!

Law says everything costs.
Grace says everything is a gift.

Law says work for your reward.
Grace says receive and enjoy His free gift!

Law says if you do good, you get blessing as a reward.
Grace says even if you're bad, you still get blessing as a gift.

Law says you must be absolutely perfect or you aren't accepted.
Grace says you're accepted no matter how imperfect you are.

Law says if you blow it, you get punished.
Grace says even if you blow it you won't get punished.

Law says if you mess up, you're out of favor and must earn your way back.
Grace says if you mess up, you're still in His favor, nothing has changed.

Law implies you're a servant.
Grace says you're a son!

Law says I'm 100% responsible for my living.
Grace says He's 100% responsible for my living.

Law says I have to hold on to Him.
Grace says He's holding on to me!

Law says I must maintain this life in Christ.
Grace says He will maintain this life in Christ!

Law says I must keep up my faith, keep it going, or else.
Grace says He will keep up His faith within me no matter what!

Law says you're safe only as long as you do right work.
Grace says you're safe as long as Christ's right work stands, and that's forever!

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