Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Let Me Be Who I Am..."

This is from a message by Brennan Manning.  I have the youtube video of the message on my sidebar.  Every time I listen to it, it brings tears. He is a Grace God.  He doesn't ask us to change or shape up.  He asks us to let Him be WHO HE IS - and He will bring healing love to our hearts!

"Jesus, the risen Christ, with you at this moment, loves you AS YOU ARE.  You don't have to change to get His love.  You don't have to give up your sin.  You don't have to overcome your problems... You don't have to DO anything to get His love and acceptance.  You have that already before you decide to change and whether you ever decide to change or not.

"Jesus says, 'Take your eyes off yourself and fix them on Me and let Me be WHO I AM.'

"You can come to Him in your brokenness, in your sinfulness, in your darkness, in your emptiness, in your phoniness - He will come and bring HEALING to you.

"His compassion is NEVER based on our performance.  It knows no shade or alteration or change.  'The bruised reed of your life He will not crush, and the smoldering wick He will not quench' until He's led the truth of your life's story to victory."
                                                                                                       Brennan Manning

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