Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Secure in Christ - Introduction

I have struggled many times in the past with feeling secure in my salvation and have been afraid that I might lose my salvation somehow.  It seems many other people have these same fears and troubling thoughts at times. 

God has reassured me so often about my security in Him, and I think one of the first benefits I experienced upon learning about His grace was that I am so safe and secure in His hand, and He won't let me go.  He showed me how loving He was because it was He who led me to this place of being receptive to Him and opening my heart to Him, and He will surely "keep" me and take care of my heart and life from now on into eternity.  It was like I could see that it was all part of His over-arching plan, and it wasn't so much up to me to get all my ducks in a row - it was really all up to Him, He had His hand on me, and He would finish what He started in me. 

Learning about grace, and how it's all about His work and not my work, just gave me peace and a sense of relief.  Salvation isn't up to me, it's up to God - that takes the fear out of it that we might fall away..for He is strong and He will hold on to me!  My sins just aren't bigger than God's grace - His grace is bigger every time!  His grace is holding on to me, and that brings such peace and joy. 

I would like in the next few posts to share some things I've come to realize and things I've seen in the Bible that have helped me to know I'm secure in Him forever.  And I hope these thoughts will be an encouragement to anyone who has doubted their security in Christ or been fearful of losing their salvation. 

We are safe in His arms!  We have come to Him and we find rest, blessed rest, for our souls!  Grace is such good news in every way..

Until next time..

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