Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Thoughts on How We are Special, Chosen, Valued by God

I was pondering more on being chosen by God, cared about, valuable to Him, special, worth something, accepted..

Think about it:

You weren't an accident.  You didn't just 'arrive' on the scene.  God the Father wanted you!  He loved you into existence!

He cares about you and wants you around.  You matter to Him more than you'll ever know.  He moved heaven and earth, literally setting aside the old creation on the cross through Jesus' supreme sacrifice, and opening up a whole new creation, in order to get you into His family.  His Son was willing to give up His life to see you welcomed into the family.

You are precious and valuable.  You are important and special.  You are chosen and picked by God!

We can say with our heads held high, "I am chosen and dearly loved by my Father.  I am precious and honored in His sight."

We can all rejoice that each of us is God's first pick, His favorite, the apple of His eye, since He would have sent Jesus to die just for us if you or I were the only one that needed rescue!  He still would have done it.  He still would have died, and that makes it so personal.

We are so special to Him!  He planned our lives before we were even born, He thought about us and planned our adoption into His family even before the creation of the world!  Wow!

And this plan that He's set in place He will surely complete!  God has accepted us and loved us forever, no turning back.  He has committed Himself to us and freely given us the gift of His eternal life to be inside us as our very life.  He has linked Himself to us forever.  His plan is perfect and He'll finish what He started in us, wrapping things up one day with the redemption of our body.  Our destiny is secure and set in the spiritual concrete of the finished work of Jesus in the New (and Eternal) Covenant!

Chosen, special, dearly loved, wanted, desired, delighted in by the Father..that's you and I!

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