Thursday, February 23, 2012

Already Accepted, Already Worth Knowing

Sometimes I feel I'm not worth knowing.  I wonder why other people would be my friend or want to hang around me.  I don't see anything special in me; instead, I see myself as a little bit of a weirdo, a little quirky around the edges.  I see faults.  I see hangups and insecurities.

Case in point:  I have these two really good friends who have never met each other, and I even have this fear that if they ever met, they would see how goofy and less special I am compared to each other, and they would just drop me and go off and be best friends themselves!  It seems so childish (and it is), yet where does this silly fear come from?  It comes from a lie!  A lie of Satan!  He lies to me and tells me that I'm no good, not special, weird, not worth knowing, a nobody.

But God says the opposite, and what God says is TRUE!

I got the picture of God holding out something - a gift - and of Him putting this gift into my hands.  It is the gift of ACCEPTANCE.  He has already (ALREADY!) given me this gift.  This gift is already mine for free, freely given through Jesus!  If a gift is already yours, what do you do?  You don't keep trying to get it or act like it isn't yours.  NO!  You enjoy it!  You enjoy what is already yours for free!  You smile, and relax, and rejoice, and say "Thank You, Daddy!"  So I don't have to struggle to get this acceptance or specialness or worthiness or chosenness.  It's already mine in Christ!

I am not trying to be worthy or worthwhile.  He has already made me worthy!
I am not trying to become special.  He already says I'm special, special to Him, the One who really counts!
I am not trying to get picked or chosen.  I am already chosen, picked, called out, significant, important, valued!
I am not trying to get love.  I already have love, the best and purest love in the universe!  I am loved, right now, as I am!
I am not trying to get acceptance.  I already am accepted forever by Him, which means I'm an acceptable person, and I can even accept myself!  I can look in the mirror in the morning and LIKE the person I see there!  Even with all the personality quirks and failings!

We are in the already with God!

We are already loved, known, cared about, chosen, precious and special.

You and I are worth knowing!  We are wanted!  We are accepted!  We are welcomed in!

Thank You, Father, for loving and caring about us!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14