Thursday, August 30, 2012

Joy of My Heart - by Andrew Feliciano

Hey, everyone, here is a beautiful new song I just 'happened' upon when looking for some wonderful, grace-filled worship music...the song is so wonderful, and then I realized that my family knows the artist!  He is a great and wonderful guy and full of love for Jesus, very musically talented, too!

I really wanted to share this song here, not only because I want to just highlight my friend's music, but also because God spoke to me through this song today..

He has been reminding me lately just to REST in Him and His love, and also telling me that I would see His face..I had wanted a revelation of God's love for me, just to understand and know it more, and so I took this message to be that I can just rest in His love and not even try, and He will be so gracious and show me His face, let me look into His face and just see His love!  Isn't that true that He just longs to show us His love and how we can just enjoy such communion with Him that it is "face to face", our spirits fellowshipping with His Spirit, just able to be open and honest before Him and let Him love on us and heal the wounds from lies we have believed, lies that we aren't 'good enough' or 'worthy enough' - and how He'll just wash over us with His love and let us know we're so perfect and beautiful in His sight, and that we are worth so much to Him, worth the price of His Son!

So as I was looking for music today, I came upon Andrew's song.  The song is about heaven and all God will say to us on that day, but I imagined it as things God is saying to us right now, because in our spirits we are already in heaven, seated with Christ in heavenly places, and He is in us, in union with our spirits right now down here on earth!  So anyway, I was listening to the words, and there was the phrase again, "You will see My face!"  And it just ministered to me..

Think of it - God wants to show us His love!  He wants to show off His love, even!  He just pours out His love and kindness on us in that secret place in our hearts by the Spirit, who dwells there, just pouring out God's loving Presence as a living water of love to soothe and encourage and heal and nourish and refresh!  He is truly a spring of living water..

I hope you like the song!  It's wonderful to think of heaven, when faith will be sight!  Also wonderful to think that we have heaven on earth right now with Him inside us!  Rivers of living water are pouring out of you..And you are in perfect communion with the One who is Life..He is just feeding your spirit and loving on you today..we can all lay back and rest in that that place there are no more tears and no more pain, for He wipes them away with His that place we see His face and look upon the Beloved, with those eyes full of delight for us! And we hear Him sing His song over us, the love song we have wanted and needed to hear, the song that heals and refreshes as it flows over us!  We love You, Jesus!

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