Saturday, January 11, 2014

"I Believe" by Lewis Smedes

I love this powerful set of statements by Lewis Smedes...from his book "Shame and Grace" - just thought I would share them here, because they touched me so much!  God loves and accepts us more deeply, totally, and unconditionally than we could ever fathom - it's truly a grace beyond our wildest dreams!!

"I believe that I am accepted by the grace of God without regard to my deserving.

"I believe that I am accepted with my shadows [struggles, issues] and the mix of good and bad I breed in them.

"I believe that I am worthy to be accepted.  (!)

"I believe that grace has set me free to accept myself totally, and without conditions.

"I believe that nothing I [am] asahmed of [any past failure or any weakness I perceive in me] will make me unacceptable to God.

"I believe that I can forgive anyone who has ever infected me with shame I do not deserve.

"I believe that I may forgive myself for anything that I have ever done to shame myself or another person.

"I am gratefully proud of being who I am and what I shall [be revealed] to be.

"I believe that grace is the best thing in the world."

Thank You, Papa, for Your grace that accepts us so fully, so completely, so compassionately, so unconditionally, so permanently!  There is nothing we could do that would 'mess up' this grace upon us or make it be withdrawn!   Thank You that we are forever accepted, forever taken into Your arms and held there forever, no matter what!  Thank You for accepted the whole of us, with our mistakes, our struggles, and our 'real life' issues!  Thank You that through Jesus' finished work You banished all the shame the enemy has tried to place upon us!  Thank You that there is no shame on us in being who we are, that we are never shameful or unacceptable to You!  Thank You that we never have to be ashamed in Your presence - we can be honest and naked and real and KNOW that You accept and love us no matter what, and that nothing we do could change Your stance toward us!  You have taken us into Your heart and will never let us go, never be disappointed with us, never have anything but songs of joy to sing over us!!  Thank You that You want us, You see no fault in us, You find us absolutely beautiful and perfect!  Thank You that You love having us near, You wouldn't want to exist without us!  Thank You that we are Your dear little children in whom is all Your delight forever!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14