Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank You, Dear Friends..

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, my dear friends who read my blog..the fact that you are willing to read my humble musings means so much to me..I have had this blog a long time and have never really had a big audience, but that is just fine with me as I am sort of the quiet type anyways, and crowds can intimidate me a little, lol!   Sometimes I have thought of shutting down the blog, because of hard times I went through with depression and such, or not being able to post as much at times, but somehow Under the Waterfall of Grace kept on going and I'm glad for that. 

I have always wanted this to be a place were people could come and read something about God's love and acceptance and grace and be uplifted, a place where people would be safe from any shaming or blaming or demanding messages..and I hope that nothing I write would ever make anyone feel condemned or pressured but instead loved and accepted!  

I just wanted to thank each of you that read my blog and tell you how much I love you, even if we don't know each other face to face, and even if you have never commented or anything.  I am so glad we are all family here.  I am so glad we can all celebrate and bask in the grace of God together. I am so glad we can feel safe and be ourselves and relax together in the gentle acceptance of God.  I feel like we have a cozy little place here on the web where we can chat, a quiet place off the beaten path to just rest and enjoy talking about His love together..

I love to read the comments that some of you share, they uplift me so all teach me new things about Him and His love, just by being yourselves and sharing your beautiful and grace-full thoughts!  So I thank you Alexander, Patrick (Woolly!), Dorothy, Mathew, Dave, Alan, Luke, my Anonymous friend, and anyone else that comments (I hope I am not leaving anyone out!  You are each so important!), for all that you share, and if anyone else who reads would like to introduce yourself, please leave a comment - I'd love to 'meet' you! 

So I want to thank each of you, my dear friends, for being YOU and for sharing of yourselves, for reading my humble thoughts and encouraging me so many times when I have been down or discouraged, and for always pointing us to Him who IS grace and love!  He has made life worth living again for me, and I pray for each of you, for His blessings of grace and love and peace and joy and gifts and everything else to just overflow to you at all times!


  1. Hi Sparrow,

    I really think we should be thanking you instead. We need more blogs like yours that truly exalt the Lord and uplift the heart. Your blogs always put a smile upon my face and heart.



  2. Hello Sparrow
    I am so glad that you felt led to write a 'thank you'. It is such a reassurance for me and at just the right moment too - having only recently found you and having felt that I have finally found somewhere (as you have said) off the beaten path, where I can feel accepted , uplifted and safe. Then to be welcomed in such an open way, thank you.

    I remember about 10 years ago thinking about how Jesus must have sounded when He spoke to those around Him on this Earth, how He must have come across, loving, reassuring, compassionate, gentle and of course I could go on and on - and yet that was not what I had heard around me thus far in life. Many times it was quite the opposite. So much so that I often have to read some scripture and then forget what I've just read, only to read it again now 'in the Light of Love'
    So for me to find this here after so long searching. is such a relief. (not that it is not elsewhere too, of course not!).
    I love to think that Isaiah 62:2 "you will be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name" is like us slowly finding out from our inner heart voice that who we think we are before Jesus, Sparrow, Woolly, whichever name you feel most comfortable using, (I could be far wrong though, but that's what I like to think!)
    You know how you said, “He has made life worth living again for me" Yes, this is not even our old life but with new found hopes and dreams and ideals, no, it is a new Life within us, being lived from the inside out,(which makes me now think that I was previously living from the outside in! Not that I am always aware or realise).
    Hi too, to everyone, Alexander, Dorothy, Mathew, Dave, Alan, Luke, Anonymous and anyone else. I will give my email address to Sparrow. Should anyone ever want to say Hello in private, I will be most pleased to hear from you. Blessings, Patrick

  3. Patrick, thank you so much for writing and sharing your heartfelt thoughts..I loved hearing about your journey and I feel like you, that this is a safe place where I am accepted and feel safe sharing my is such a blessing to be able to sit with you and our other dear friends here under the waterfall of His grace and love..and to just uplift each other, knowing we'll be welcomed always..I love the verse you shared from Isaiah and also the thought of a new life breaking forth with new hopes and dreams, truly His life within us blossoming forth! I like that and feel that way too, and you put it so well as you described how it feels...
    Wow, I love living from the inside out instead of the other way round! I was doing the same thing! Living from the inside out has such an inner ease to it! We can be real, we can watch His life blossom forth, we can discover new thoughts and dreams, we can be open and enjoy life and enjoy this wonderful union relationship with Him...wonderful to think HE loves walking through life with us, enjoys sharing Himself with us and just really and truly likes us! He is in and among us here and it's such a blessing! I am so thankful for all my friends here, thank You Papa!
    Yes, Patrick, I received your email, should anyone wish to contact you I will be glad to pass that along, anyone can contact me by email anytime at
    Blessings to you, my brother, and everyone else, may you all (or y'all as we say here in the southern USA!) have a wonderful day in Him!

  4. Dave, God bless you my brother! Your blog truly encourages and helps me, just wanted to say that - thank you so much! You were the one who began sharing with me about many of the ideas that Andre Rabe and Francois du Toit teach, and that led me to a journey of discovery about our origin in God's heart, and about our original innocent identity, and just about the depth of His love for us! So thank you, I appreciate it so much!

  5. Sparrow , Please never quit blogging .I have read every one of your blog post except some recent ones that I haven, t read yet . I have read many of your post over and over many times .I have printed out many of them and they are next to my bed and I read them sometimes before I go to sleep. I have been reading your blog for several years and its my favorite of all time . I don't always comment but I read every post you write .your writing about gods love is extreemly dear to me. Reading your blog has got me through so many difficult times ,my faith has grown and my relationship with jesus has grown .I thank you so much .mathew

  6. Mathew, your comment means so much to me! To know that God could encourage through my little blog and my little thoughts just give me the inspiration to keep on going..thank you for reading my thoughts, and thank you for sharing your kind encouragement with me, my brother! You really don't know how much it means, especially after coming through a time of depression in the last few years and struggling with fear and shame, feeling like I crashed in many ways as a Christian, so how could I have a blog about grace when I was still so messed up and needing to understand it so much better myself?? So your encouragement gives me hope... It gives me hope that He can use this very broken vessel. I think you have a gift for encouraging people, I wonder if anyone has ever told you that! I want you to know that I do the same thing as you, I take my notebook with quotes I've copied from various blogs and books and have it by my bedside so that I can read those things and remember His grace and love for me..I just like having those grace words nearby if needed, they're so comforting and refreshing! Thank you again, Mathew, and God bless you my brother..He is just carrying us all along in His grace and love, isn't it so wonderful to know He'll never leave us or let us go, no matter what!

  7. Hello sparrow
    greetings from my heart too you, i know u may not know me but i met your blog from my Facebook friend but it's so indescribable of how much it has blessed me, i have had to share this information to a lot of friend who have just had an encounter with the grace of God. I have had to share some of teachings on the page i manage called Andrew wommack quotes of AWMI on Facebook. thank u so much. sparrow if there is any reason for continuing to post, AM THE REASON keep doing it at least for me. THANK YOU dear I LOVE YOU

  8. Julius, thank you so much for writing and sharing what you did! I would love to read your page on facebook, thank you so much for sharing about that, I will try to find your page with the quotes! Isn't grace so wonderful, it makes us just want to share it with everyone that God is love, He is only love, He is all love, He is always love, yay! God bless you my brother, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, it means so much to nice to 'meet' you here!

  9. Some times i may not have the time to explain out the grace message to some of my colleagues, so what i do i request for their emails and i help them subscribe to receive the messages them selves and u know what? They are always amazed at the wonderfulness of Jesus. SPARROW keep going, am one person who has printed out some of your messages and keep them as hard copies to help me during my studies of the word plus doing ministry to other. Again, thank you so much for obeying God at least am always blessed when i meet your mail in my inbox, there i know it's all about Jesus again. LOVE U mwaaaaaaaaahhh

  10. Thank you Julius so much...isn't it wonderful to just know of His unconditional grace and love! He is so wonderful! Blessings to you my brother, thank you for all you said, it encourages me to keep on blogging! May you and your family be blessed and just experience more and more of His wonderful presence and grace and love!

  11. I too am "guilty" of copying out your truths about our Papa's great grace and passing them onto a friend who is going through quite a narrow doorway just now. You know that I've only recently come to know you through your words and I'd like you to know that I'm working my way through your earlier words and want you to know that the road that I see you must have travelled gives me great encouragement. I wonder if this is a place for encouraging the encouragers!!! :)
    Thank you,
    P.S. Hi Julius!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14