Saturday, April 12, 2014

Innocent Little Children

Little Boy Running We are such sweet little innocent children, living constantly in our Papa's tender care!  He sings over us constantly, is so delighted in us, we can do no wrong in His eyes!  He is so proud of us, and it shows in His beaming face, His smile that's always upon us, the way He brags on us to the whole creation!  And we've always been this way to Him, always been His little innocent ones...

We called ourselves ugly and unworthy, but our Papa never did!  We called ourselves rejected and shameful, but our Papa never did!  We called ourselves evil and sinful but our Papa never did! 

To Him, we have always been His good little innocent children, His beauties, His cherished ones, the apple of His eye, His pride and joy! 

We mess up but He says, "They don't know what they are doing, they are infected with a lie that distorts their perception!" This infection with a lie, this wrong belief, doesn't bring forth His wrath but instead brings forth His compassion!

The things we do wrong are cries for help from a trapped soul! He sees us as wounded little ones needing love, not as rebels or sinners needing condemnation and punishment!  Oh what a relief that He always sees me as His little innocent beauty, His cherished little baby who can do no wrong in His eyes! He knows our heart is good, He made us that way, we have His very nature, which is so pure and sweet and good - it's pure love!!

He knows we mean well, we just get confused when we think He doesn't love us..He knows we've been lied to, deceived, tricked, trapped in a false perception , thinking He's against us..He knows we've pulled back from Him in fear and thus aren't experiencing the love that we were meant to enjoy, and He knows without that love we feel empty and in pain and seek wrong ways to deal with that pain and to try to feel okay with ourselves.

He doesn't ever yell, rant or rave at us.  He doesn't ever harm or hurt us, doesn't ever lash out at us or punish us.  His way is healing and restoration, not punishment and furor!  He doesn't want to pull us down, shame us, or wound our hearts.  He mends our broken hearts and massages them with the love we need so desperately.  He knows we need love, not judgment!  

We need His love like we need air!!   His soothing presence is pure LOVE and makes the hurt go away, fills the deep need for acceptance and belonging, frees us to look into His face and realize we are safe in His arms and special to Him, makes us see we are His little innocent ones and have been all along!  And we blossom and bloom in the atmosphere of His grace and delight over us, as we hear the song He has always sung over us with joy, the love song of the ages, "I've always loved you and always will!  You are My beloved child, My innocent one in My image and likeness, in whom I am well-pleased!"

Papa understands! He says everything is okay, I love you, you are mine, you are wanted, I am for you and never against you, never left you, am always here for you..Daddy's got you, you are safe, you are loved, you are home!

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