Friday, April 18, 2014

What the Cross Proves to Us

I would like to share a post I read on facebook by Christian's such a wonderful and meaningful description of what God did in Christ on the cross, and of what God proved to us through that cross!  Thank You Father for Your amazing love!

"Today we celebrate that almost two thousand years ago, God Himself proved that He would rather be killed than kill.

He would rather be put on a cross and murdered by His own creation than hold our sins against us. We killed God! And yet, in the greatest display of divine love the world has ever seen, God looked down on His creation stuck in darkness and spoke forgiveness to us through the blood flowing from His broken body.

When humanity committed the worst sin possible (the killing of our creator), God looked down and forgave us. How much more does He forgive us of everything else?

The cross proves that God is dying for us to know that we are accepted. The cross proves that God bleeds forgiveness and love. The cross proves that He never is going to turn His back on us no matter how much we turn our back on Him.

Truly, God was in Christ reconciling the whole cosmos to Himself, not counting our sins against us."

Christian Erickson

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