Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We Are in a Wide Open Space

 Mary-Anne Rabe sings a wonderful song called "Wide Open Space" about standing in God's embrace, with 'nothing between us but love and freedom' - !  This song has been going through my mind and heart during my waking hours lately, and what a beautiful message it shares! 

How wonderful to be at this place of oneness with our Maker, to be IN Him who is ALL - all love, all beauty, all peace, all joy, all embracing - and to simply BE in His arms.  Nothing required of us, nothing demanded of us, nothing expected of us..we can simply relax there in His embrace.  Nothing to do, nowhere to get to, nothing to attain, nothing to become, for we are already in a place of wholeness, perfection, harmony, completeness, and delight.  We are in a place of unconditional love and total acceptance, and we have never been out of that place, which is His very heart!!

We find ourselves where we always dreamed of being, safe in His arms of love for all eternity, cherished, valued, cared for, celebrated!  He has always seen us as His delightful and very good children, innocent and lovely.  And we find we have been there all along, for He never let us go, He never abandoned us, He was never apart from us..we have always been His own dear children, covered in His love, gazed upon with tender affection and friendliness.  We have never been alone, for He has always been here, always been our friend that sticks closer than a brother, always supported us, always believed in us, always carried us.   He has always loved us and always will..He has always been for us and always will be...He has always been our Papa and always will be!

What a wonderful place to be, in His heart, in His love, in His presence, in His tender gaze, in His arms..what a wonderful place of stillness and joy it is...a place of rest and pure satisfaction..a place of sweetness and delight...a place of expansion and freedom...a place of childlike wonder and awe, as we gaze on the face of Him who loves us so, who is PURE LOVE and nothing else!  Thank You, Papa, for this union relationship we share with You, this oneness and communion!  This LOVE that is better than life, this ACCEPTANCE that fulfills our deepest longings, this PRESENCE that is so gentle, so tender, so invigorating and happy!  What a wide open space is Your heart of grace and love for us all!

(You can listen to this song by using the player on the side of my blog, Wide Open Space is in the playlist from the album, No Distance...)

"Wide Open Space"
by Mary-Anne Rabe

Justified by Your faith
I'm at peace
Reconciled to You
You've done everything
Nothing left to add
You gave Yourself
And now I give myself to Your love

Here I stand in this wide open space
In this wonder of Your embrace
Spotless and clean,
There is nothing between us but
Love and freedom

Here I will abide, face to face with You
Here I am alive, face to face with You

Beholding You, I've found grace
The reflection I see
Awakens in me, who I am
My true identity, revealed in You

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  1. I like the song . Yes ,a wonderful place to be.


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14