Monday, October 13, 2014

Grace = Rest!

Grace means that we can breathe a sigh of relief, get off the endless merry-go-round of seeking, works and struggle...and rest!

We don't have to do anything..don't have to get anything..don't have to become anything...
We already ARE!

We already are who we have always wanted to be, where we always wanted to be, one with the One who is everything..everything!

We can!  Nothing is required of us, nothing is asked of us, nothing is expected of us.  We are perfect just as we are, and our life is perfect just as it is..with any inconsistencies, confusions, lapses, or contradictions..

Just as we are right now, just as it is right now, in this very moment, without changes a thing or ever needing to do so, we are PERFECT!  Perfect to Him, perfect for Him, perfectly with Him!

We don't have to wait for tomorrow to have that special relationship with God we've been longing for and looking for..we don't have to wait for some super spiritual state to come before we can have that deep bonded closeness with Him..we don't have to wait till we've solved all our issues and made our life work perfectly before we can REALLY have the good life with God..the good life with God is NOW!  And we are already all we seek to be, already at the place we long to be - IN HIM!


  1. Grace =Rest! You are beginning to sound like Bertie Brits... this pure Grace Message is absolutely awesome! While working in my flower garden, the Lord said, "You don't have to prove your love for Me. Let Me prove My love for you!"

  2. Dorothy, that is so beautiful! He just loves to show off His love, to pour out His love on His Bride! I love how we don't have to prove our love to Him! Thank you for sharing that!
    You know, as I was writing this, I was really being hit by the fact that nothing at all is required of us..we can really rest..and if we are having trouble resting, we can even rest from 'trying to rest!' For those of us (like ME!) who tend to make a 'work' out of everything, it's so refreshing to know that we need do nothing, nothing, nothing!
    Sending love to you dear Dorothy!

  3. Hi Nancy and Dorothy too!
    It's lovely to hear from you (both!)

    I find it so hard to do nothing so just serving from trying to rest is right up my street, thanks for the reminder!
    I'm sometimes aware these days of my mind being slow to catch up upon that which my heart already KNOWS! By that I mean my heart saying yes to rest but my mind as yet being dull to the fact. Thank you.

  4. Woolly, I resonate so much with what you said..that it is sometimes hard to do nothing! My mind especially is going all the time, it seems, and is as you say, slow to catch up with the heart..I love that statement, that our hearts already know! The mind tries to figure everything out and solve every 'problem' while all along the heart simply knows the truth by personal encounter..we are so ONE with Him it's just ridiculously wonderful, isn't it! I guess our brains never will fully 'catch up' this side of glory, yet we are already living in and enjoying the eternal NOW of God in our hearts/spirits, where we are ONE! When I stop thinking long enough to just BE for a second, that timeless Life that's within naturally rises to the surface in all His beauteous Love and Fullness! Isn't HE wonderful! Blessings to you both, my friends!

  5. Mathew, so good to hear from you! Let us know how you are doing if you wish and have the chance to do so! Hope you are well! God bless you my brother!

  6. Hi Nancy!

    Great devotional full of wonderful truth!

    "We can! Nothing is required of us, nothing is asked of us, nothing is expected of us. We are perfect just as we are, and our life is perfect just as it is..with any inconsistencies, confusions, lapses, or contradictions."

    I like the "nothing expected of us. We are perfect just as we are...." That is a hard truth to learn but it is also a wonderful and freeing truth. We can stop trying to be perfect and simply be "perfect just as we are"!!

    We are perfected forever! Our bad deeds cannot make our perfection worse and our good deeds cannot make our perfection better. We simply enjoy who we are in Christ Jesus and not through behavioral modification. We simply enjoy our reality in Christ and not try to create a reality through efforts. As Christ is, so are we in this world!

    Wonderful message!



  7. Im doing well sparrow .thank you ! I have grown alot in his love this spring and summer. God bless you ! I read all your post this summer your a real blessing to me . You are a
    real blessing . Many hugs to you ! Have you read beyond an angry god yet?

  8. Mathew, glad to hear you are doing well! Beyond An Angry God - you are talking about Steve McVey's new book, right? I have not gotten a chance to read it yet but would like to. I love the title! Not ever an angry god but instead always a loving Papa, oh what a relief! Blessings to you Mathew, you are a blessing as well!

  9. Dave, I love what you said! "We can stop trying to be perfect and simply be "perfect just as we are"!!"
    That is so wonderful...We can just be as we are - perfect! Wow! What a wonder to find out how whole we are right now, as we are! Thank You, Jesus!
    Blessings to you my brother!

  10. Hi Sparrow

    Just had such a wonderful thought come to me there while listening to Mary Anne Rabe singing Psalm 103, Bless the Lord, oh my soul. When you said, “Did we ever really think He did not have things safely in His love plan all along…” Well, it came to me that since we are each of us really One with Him, therefore One with each other in Him, and I am One with you and so on… then this psalm (all psalms) is about ALL of us in our Oneness being able to let go and relax and rest in Him. Whenever we sing “Bless the Lord, oh my soul – look what He’s done for me” we think that we are singing it as an individual, but that’s far from the Truth, we are really singing it to the rest of the Body (Body not being simply a church, or Christians, or those who realise that Christ is in them, or realise their Oneness, but never so narrow-minded, everyone!). Whenever I sing this, I’m not really aware that the soul part of me has listened, because it just doesn’t occur to me to think that way. Whenever I sing this being part of the Whole, neither do I have any awareness of the soul of Mankind listening, but now I know that it does. (Oh it’s terribly complicated except in my own head, you’re far better at this sort of thing that me, lol!)
    Well, as much as this psalm can remind each of us individually about our safety, so it can remind us that we are all collectively safe. Just thought I’d share!


  11. Woolly, I really like that, it's so profound! WE are not just safe individually but collectively, for we are a whole in oneness with each other and Him! I never saw that Psalm that way, and feel there is much in the scriptures I can start to read with new eyes in light of our deep oneness! It makes me feel so connected to others and not if the judgment thoughts just fade away, for really we are all in this together, we are all each other somehow, truly one in Him! The body of Christ takes on new meaning, don't you think! He has this whole of humanity so safe in His arms..what a perfect Father and what perfect wholeness we have in Him! Thank you so much for sharing that, wow!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14