Monday, October 20, 2014

Safely IN!

IN!  It just doesn't get any closer than IN!  No matter what we are going through, no matter what long and winding side pathways we wander into here on our earth journey, we are safely IN God at all times, no matter what, and our relationship with Him, being so close that we are IN each other - ! - is always perfect, complete, whole, intact, full, perfect and strong!  Never wavering or changing!

We can't get Him out of us, and we can't get ourselves out of Him..we are IN, IN, IN!  There is just no separation with IN..there is no distance, no waiting for some future closer is NOW, for we are closer than close, more intimate than 'beside' or 'with' - we are IN!

We never were out of the One who contains the whole universe, were we?  The distance we 'felt' was really only that, a feeling.  The separation we dreamed was between us was really only that, a dream.  The thought of being away from Him was really only that, a thought.  The sense of lostness was really only that, a sense we had and not real at all.  Did we really think our Papa would lose us, or that He would ever leave it up to us to 'find' our way back?  Did we really think He would ever for a moment not have the whole matter of our existence safely in His hand?  Did we ever really think He did not have things safely in His love plan all along, have US safely in His heart all along?  We have always been so safe in Him and His love!  He can't let us go!  He can't let YOU go, can't let ME go..

He cannot get us out of His mind, out of His thoughts, out of His heart!  He cannot imagine a world without us in it!  He wouldn't want to even exist without us!  His heart would break at the thought, for He cannot bear to BE without us even for a moment.  We have always been the objects of His care and keeping and love, and always will be!

We are so safely enveloped in His being, so tenderly held in His heart, so gently embraced in His arms!  The giant, enormous, wonderful God of Love who explodes beyond the bounds of this universe has got all of us so safely enfolded in His loving Being!  We are held against the chest of the Lover who fills the whole of creation, wrapped in eternal Infinite Love that stretches beyond all our past, present and future.  We are uplifted and carried along by a Love big enough to handle all our issues, confusions and doubts, big enough to contain all our fears and troubles and questions, big enough to carry all our pains, sorrows and remorses.  We are surrounded by a Loving Acceptance large enough to accept us with all our failures, inconsistencies and deceits.  A Love big enough to contain ALL!  ALL!

Nothing we do, say, think or feel could ever take us out of Him, make this Love evaporate, cause a breach between us.  This Love is our atmosphere, the space we exist in, the air we breath and the realm our whole life is played out in!  "In Him we live, and move, and have our being."  This Love is the DNA of the universe, the code upon which all existence is based.  We can no more escape this Love than we can escape our own DNA!  It is so true that "God is all, and is in all!"

So how could we ever be out of Him?
And how could we ever get Him out of us?

IN!  IN HIM!  What a wonderful  place to find ourselves, what a wonderful place to live in, what a wonderful home for us, what a wonderful Being to BE IN!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14