Monday, October 31, 2011

The Tale of the Poor Old Roof, Part 3

I'm picking up my long-winded story where we left off...

Well, this Monday, the adjustor from the old insurance company finally came out to look at the roof.  He spent about 2 minutes up there and I thought, this is a waste of his time, he's surely going to say our roof has no damage, etc.  It just seemed so outlandish, because to hubby and I it looks fine. My hubby had even gone up there and said he didn't see anything wrong.  

But the adjustor guy finished his short inspection and said, you have major storm damage and some hail damage to your roof, and the insurance company is going to have to pay for a new roof for you - !!!  Can you believe this company that doesn't even insure us anymore is giving us a new roof??  And within five minutes he was handing me a check to pay for a new roof for our home!  

Wow!  The prayer request was answered exactly to the letter - we are getting a new roof for free!

I have to tell you what had happened just the day before this adjustor came out and told us we had hail damage and that we'd get the roof replace - just the day before, we had gotten so low on money this month, that my husband had sent me to the grocery store with a mere $50 to buy groceries for 2 weeks - for our whole family of two adults and four growing and food-loving kids.  I had added up things as I went through Walmart and had gotten the super cheap Walmart brand for everything.  The kids' snack for the coming weeks was going to have to be the $1 saltine crackers.  I was buying dry beans and bulk bags of rice, etc.  The grocery bill had come to $47 and I had been so relieved to get some things within budget.  

And then the very next day someone was handing me a check to pay for a whole new roof!

To be continued!

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