Thursday, October 20, 2011

When I See You Smile


I don't know much about this song or the artist, but when I heard it it made me think of my relationship with Jesus and all the grace and love He brings into my life!   His smile means the world to me - just one look at His smiling face and everything is okay somehow, I can face the world again..

His smile of grace says, "Right now, as you are, in your mess or confusion or struggles, whatever it is, it doesn't matter, right now:

I accept you, 

I love you, 

I hold you, 

I uplift you, 

I am on your side, 

now and forever, 

no matter what you do or don't do, 

I'm not requiring anything of you, 

I'm so happy being in this fellowship with you 

right now and always!" 

His smile of grace lights up our world  - it's truly like a light piercing the dark and clearing away the cobwebs of confusion, doubt and fear.  
He's okay with us, He smiles at us, He delights in us - always!


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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14