Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Tale of the Poor Old Roof

Do you ever have times when things seem to come to such a tense point that you feel there's no solution, and things seem overwhelming?  Our family felt that way recently, and I want to share our story here over the next few posts..

So here's our tale:  

A few months ago we decided to switch to a new home insurance because it would save money.  We waited to cancel the old one for a month because we wanted to make sure we were never without insurance.  Well, a few days after the cancellation went into effect, the new company called (it was in mid-Sept when this happened) and said our home had failed their inspection because of our roof being so old and run down - and that unless we put on a new roof by Oct 19, they would not insure us!  There was NO way we could get a new roof right now, so we were suddenly going to be without insurance!  We are in financially tight times right now and there is no way we could do that!  We didn't want to go back to the old, expensive insurance, so we had to find a new one that hopefully wouldn't do as strict an inspection..  Well, amazingly, we found another company and exactly on Oct 19 they started insuring our home.  We still didn't know if we would fail THEIR inspection, too, but at least we had another chance with a different company. 

Well, during all this, the lady I talked to from the second company (the company that rejected us because of our roof) mentioned that we should have our first insurance send out someone to look at our roof to see if it had hail damage, because they would have to cover the repairs since it was under the time they insured us that the damage had been done.  My thought was, oh yeah right, our roof doesn't have any hail damage, and why would the old company that we left want to pay us any money?  We left them and aren't even insured by them anymore.  Surely they would say we had no damage and try not to pay for any repairs.  Those were my thoughts.

Could there be any hope for the family living under such a poor old roof?

To be continued...

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