Monday, January 28, 2013

Esteemed, Valued, Well-Pleasing, BELOVED!

Think of it, He who made the whole universe, who is so big and majestic that time and space can't contain Him and so wonderful and beautiful that words can't describe Him, THAT  ONE loves you, loves you, loves you!  He adores you!  He couldn't stand to be without you so He gave up His heart of all hearts, His own Son that dwelled in His bosom, to bring you into that same place of resting in His bosom!

He has pressed you to Himself, He holds you close, He will never let you go..and so you dwell in Him and He in you! You've got the Most Wonderful and Loving and Kind and Sweet and Gentle and True and Faithful and Dear and Gracious Being of all in you!

He loves being with you!  He loves everything about you!  He cherishes every moment with you!  Wow!

Just to think of that is mind-boggling...if all that is so, and it is, you must be pretty special!!  You must be worth a lot!  You must be so precious and valuable, like a rare gem!

No matter what the world or the enemy says, or even what your own words or feelings sometimes say, you are not worthless, not a are who God, Your Father, says you are, and He says over you just as He said over His Son (For as He, the Son is, so are WE in this world!) - "This is My beloved son/daughter, in whom I am well-pleased!"  Well-pleased means He thinks so well of us, He approves of us, He esteems us highly!  It is similar to the way He calls us beloved, for to love someone is to esteem them highly, think very highly of them, and value them as precious.

So He values us as precious and He also approves of us and esteems us as pleasing to Him!

I love how God said that of Jesus BEFORE Jesus had even started His ministry, BEFORE He had done even one miracle or given even one teaching!  It is the same with us!  We are loved (valued) and well-pleasing (approved) before we do one thing, apart from any works at all!

We are loved and approved out of the Father's heart of pure love, just because He made us and is so proud of His kids...just like a parent is so pleased with his newborn baby, and values that baby as if it were the most precious being in the world!  The parent will do anything for that little one!

I remember as a new parent, even dreaming of my baby and how I wanted to take care of her and make sure that nothing would ever harm her...I was even loving her and doting on her and concerned with taking care of her in my sleep!  So much more does the God who never slumbers or sleeps watch over us, love us, and do everything to meet our every need and take care of us!

And this is totally without our earning or meriting it, working for it, keeping it going by good behavior, etc.!  Just like with a little tiny baby.  That baby can't do any good works, can't even think clearly or form a clear word, yet that child is the pride and joy of the parent!  That child is perfect to the parent!  The parent sees that child as the best, most beautiful, most wonderful little one in the universe, and the parent loves to just look at the little one as that baby sleeps or snuggles into the parent's arms, loves to let those little fingers wrap around the parent's bigger finger, loves to watch the little one's face as he or she laughs or smiles while sleeping!  That little baby is cherished, right down to the tiny fingers and toes!  Every part of that baby is known and loved and precious to the parent!  That baby is beloved, precious, special, and perfect in the parent's eyes, and the parent is WELL-PLEASED with that baby!  The parent dotes on that baby in every way!

THAT is how the Father dotes on us, too!  THAT'S how He loves us!

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