Saturday, January 26, 2013

Safely Held Like a Baby in His Arms

We love to dote on our babies, to just hold them against us and love on them.  We love to snuggle them into our bosom and just cuddle them, don't we....That is how God the Father is with us, His darling little ones...He loves to just hold us and snuggle us up close to His cheek!  He loves to wrap us in His arms and safely and tenderly embrace us..He loves to look into our faces and see His image there, and say, "There's the family resemblance, that's my own dear child!"  He loves to just hold us when we are agitated, too, and just calm us with His loving warm hug!  We are so safely held today, like a little baby, in His arms! 

I can remember when my little baby daughter had open heart surgery at only 5 months of age, and how nervous and agitated and frightened she was there in the hospital crib before the surgery.  It was very difficult and frightening for her right then.  We were not allowed to hold her because of the delicate wires and tubes attached, and this only made things even more difficult.  But when I was finally allowed to hold her after the surgery, she just went to sleep in my arms right away!  It was like she couldn't rest or be calm, but right when she was put in my arms, everything was okay for her and she slept!  I will never forget was like she was suddenly in total peace, and everything was okay, she could relax and finally rest..

This is how God is with us, He just holds us close and we realize that we are totally safe, totally taken care of, and that everything is okay, and we can rest!  All agitation melts away and we settle down again.  We can breathe easily again.

We are loved, we are held, we are safe, we are just in His arms forever!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14