Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Great Quotes from Rob Rufus

Here are more great words from Rob Rufus on His wonderful grace toward us and our new identity in Christ:

"I am His son because I have the DNA of rebirth."

"[God says to us:] Everything I have is yours! You are My son -it's automatically yours!  Irrespective of your behavior - it BELONGS to you!"

"[What we have] all day, every moment of every day, every second - is open heaven fellowship closeness with the Father - no condemnation - even when [we] do wrong.."

"At the cross, Jesus identified with you at your worst so that in Him you can be identified with Him at His best."

"Grace is God's total and absolute acceptance of you unconditionally..Grace is also God's empowering presence of life!"

"Your identity is forever settled and God gave it to you and made you in His image and likeness."

                                                                       Rob Rufus


  1. Those are wonderful quotes! The Law is the bad news of everything that is wrong with us, but the good news of God's grace is about everything now right with us because of Christ! I've sinned, but Christ had died. Who is he that condemns? We have died to sin and to the law. The law shows us how incomplete we are in Adam, but grace shows us how complete we are in Christ. We are complete in Him, and have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places.

    Live blessed!


  2. Oh, I love that thought about how grace shows us how complete we are! Yesss! That really uplifts and encourages me today..to think we are truly complete in Him, lacking nothing, not broken or messed up or incomplete in any way..

    Thank you for sharing that idea, Dave!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14