Tuesday, December 25, 2018

God as Sweet Little Baby

God entered into our physical world as a baby.

Nobody feels threatened by a little baby.  They feel drawn to a baby, energized by a baby's soft little touch or hug, and they feel that baby's smile just lighting up their world!  Making everything feel so soft and cozy and warm and inviting and safe.  Maybe being with a little baby brings us back to the place where we ourselves felt safe and secure in our own mother's arms as she sang and rocked us to sleep. I feel that when God came to us, coming as He did as a sweet little baby, He was coming to bring us back to a cozy, homey, safe and happy place, safe in His loving arms forever!

God came as a baby.

Why did He come like that?

God came as the most lovable, innocent, sweet and non-threatening being you could imagine - a newborn baby, a little tiny baby!

He didn't come in judgment or harshness or anger or force, Ge came in vulnerability, gentleness, purity and openness.  Imagine the friendly eyes of a baby looking into your own eyes!  Imagine the pure love and sweetness in an infant as that darling baby looks towards you and can't take its eyes off yours!

When God wanted to reveal Himself to us in our world, He wrapped Himself in the soft folds of baby skin and came to us.  He came in pure kindness, in sweetness, in friendliness, in grace. 

A baby couldn't harm anyone.  He came to show us He means us no harm.  Love does no harm.  He came to show us He loves us, He just loves us, He ONLY loves us.  That His plans are always good, to give us hope and a future, NEVER to harm us or hurt us. 

A baby has no agenda.  God came to show He has no agenda from us. He doesn't want anything from us.  He's not exacting, demanding, or pushy.  He is good and kind.  He just wants to be our friend.

A baby is non-threatening.  God wants us to know we are in a safe place with Him.  Safe in His arms.  "God is a safe place to be," as the Message Bible so beautifully says.  We are safe with Him.  Secure and wrapped in love.

A baby is endearing.  God is so endearing.  So attractive and sweet!  He is the most delightful, happy-making, smile-bringing being we could ever meet!  All He does is bring laughter and joy and delight, just like a baby's laugh brings delight to us when we hear it!

A baby is innocent and pure.  God is so pure.  There's no dark side to Him.  His words, actions and ways with us have to hidden agenda.  He wants nothing from us, loves with no expectations or conditions, gives asking nothing in return.  He is simply pure light in a radiance of love for us, pure joy in His delight with us, pure grace in His generosity towards us, pure cherishing in His care for us.

A baby is lovable.  Vulnerable.  Open and friendly.  Sweet and gentle.  Soft and pure.  A delight and a joy.  A treasure.  God is all these things and more!  Our God is so lovable, gentle and soft.  He's so delightful and fun and happy.  He such a treasure!

He came as a baby to bring us a smile, a hope, a joy, a life better than we ever had without knowing Him.  Parents often say they couldn't imagine their life without their baby in it.  We can't imagine our life without Him who is everything to us, the One that makes life worth living again, the One who brings joy back in the midst of tears, the One whose love rescues us from our fearful places and makes us laugh and smile again, makes life feel light again, makes us come to rest and feel everything is okay and hopeful again. 

A baby is the expectation for new life, for long and happy life, for a beautiful future.  God gives us that same hope and expectation.  He lets us know this world isn't all there is.  There is another world, and we'll live there in happiness and joy with Him forever.  And this time, we'll get to be the babies!  We're God's babes, His little children, and we'll be with our heavenly Dad forever. 

God came as a baby so we could know that we are always His little babies, always safe in His arms, forever and ever!

Merry Christmas to us all, with all blessings of the love and peace and joy that are truly ours as His dear little babies, His treasured and precious children!
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14