Since We Are Carried Along in His Arms, We CANNOT Fail!

Everything is coming together just as it is meant matter what tumultuous feelings are on the surface, our spirit is calm and KNOWS all is well, isn't that wonderful?  The mind can be confused, the mouth can spout off nonsense, the heart can feel depressed and lonely, the body can act out, but the spirit is calm, at peace, at rest in God..the spirit is one with God always no matter what and is in joy and quietness no matter what..sees God no matter what, enjoys love, is love, knows LOVE Himself..the spirit KNOWS!! 

All is calm within no matter what is bubbling on the surface.  In our depths there is no problem, no struggle, no anguish, no fear.  There is only peace and quiet and rest.  There is only God and our spirit is one with Him, joined with Him, part of Him, enclosed by Him and cradled by Him, carried by Him.

So we are safe, so safe and secure!  We are wrapped in God at all times!  Nothing can really get to us, nothing can separate us, nothing can alter this reality of oneness with God, of supreme peace, of belovedness, of fullness of life and joy!  Nothing can disturb our rest there in His bosom.  Nothing can disrupt our relationship there in oneness of Spirit!  We are safe in God's nest of love, deep in the depths of His heart!  Carried along in life, how can we know death?  Carried along in love, how can we know judgment?  Carried along in acceptance, how can we know rejection?  Carried along in strength, how can we know failure??

Carried along  - God is carrying us and HE won't fail..isn't it wonderful to know deep down..somehow it is going to work out, all is well in spite of all the chaos!

That is the biggest revelation God gave me in the past year and it changed my life.  It changed my life!  We can be happy no matter what, we can make it through anything and we WILL all is well and all WILL work out!  Whether we rant and rave or whether we relax and trust, we'll be carried along to the happy ending no matter what..all feelings are allowed, every thought and every real feeling we have is accepted and okay.  WE don't have to act, feel or think a certain way to be okay or make things okay - we ARE okay and everything IS okay..because HE is here embracing us and our feelings and our circumstances in totality!  And HE is the one responsible for our lives, for bringing about the good ending for us all!  So we can relax and enjoy the ride!  All is accepted, nothing depends on us, everything depends on Him, and HE NEVER FAILS!  It reminds me of that verse in the Message Bible "everything is coming together, love is on the way.."

Love holds us, Love carries us, Love does all for us, Love will never fail us!

Merry Christmas, All Is Well!

I just wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas songs, "All Is Well"  - I love this song because it shares so beautifully and so simply what I think Jesus came to show us who felt so orphaned, rejected and alone, awash in a confusing world of fear and struggle, that truly, ALL is well..we are loved, we are carried, we are not alone..God is with us, God is for us, God is here, so all is well!  It was like He came to tell all the lost and confused and hurting little children that Papa is here, everything is okay, and everything is going to ultimately and forever be okay!

I heard a preacher say recently, "if God loves us just as we are, what was the point of Jesus coming?"  And I heard within my spirit the answer ringing out:  "To prove it!"  God proved His love for us in this - He let us kill His Son and still held His arms out in love to embrace us!  He let us do the worst thing we could to Him and then made our crime work backwards on itself, reversing our deed from murder to miraculous resurrection and giving us real life, eternal life, which is the relationship with Him we'd longed for all throughout history and thought we were too far gone to even hope for! 

He loved us at our worst behavior!  Accepted us when we felt at our lowest!  Thus He freed us from the shadow world we'd been living in, freed us from the lies we'd been bound by, lies that said we were unworthy, awful, filthy, hopeless, orphaned...

Daddy came and turned the light on in that dark room in which we were suffocating, and suddenly we saw!  The people in great darkness saw a great light, the light of God's love and favor in the beautiful face of a vulnerable baby, the strong support of a brother to us all who walked right alongside of us in solidarity with us and shared our sorrows and pains, a friend on the cross loving those who betrayed Him and called them innocent, a triumphant deliverer who unlocked the prisonhouse of the fear of death by conquering death and showing us a happy ending awaits in Papa's arms!

He silenced forever the idea that we had to work our way into God's favor, showing us that reality is "God For Us"..and He silenced forever the idea that we were far from God and unacceptable, showing us that reality is "God With Us!"  He came to prove His love for us all, to prove to us when all 'natural evidence' seemed to point against us and accuse us and condemn us, that really all is well!

All is well between us and God:  He'd never been vindictive or punishing but has been accepting and gracious all along..
All is well in His stance towards us:  He'd always loved us and called us His own..
All is well in our own lives  in the deepest and most ultimate way:   He's always been there for us inside, Christ being revealed IN us as our very own life!
All is eternally well and nothing can change that:  we have been carried along by grace all along and there's never been a doubt whether we'd have a happy ending!
All is well and nothing can take that away:  it was never up to us anyways, but always up to Him, and He never fails!

How wonderful when this blessed Light dawned on this world to show us the peace we have with Him, to show us the oneness we have with Him, to show us the relationship of pure love and acceptance we have with Him, to show us we've always been part of the divine family circle of and are wanted, understood, known, celebrated, embraced, and cherished just as we are!

I just want to say to all my dear friends here how thankful I am for each of you, and how much I wish each of you beloveds a wonderful, peaceful, grace-full Christmas in the blessed joy that for time and eternity, because we are unconditionally loved and held by such a Savior who rescued us from all darkness, confusion and lies, All Is Well!

The Real Me

There is a deeper part of me that is the Real Me that is behind all the drama, watching the actors play their parts, seeing the play for what it is, a shadow-show dimly based on the Really Real Life that the Real Self is part of! 

That Real Self is bigger than all the little dramatic scenarios the actors play out with their made up personas, the Real Self loves all those parts of me that are play-acting a part in this drama of earthly life.  The Real Self watches the acting out and loves and accepts every actor and even lovingly, nonjudgmentally allows every action...not going along with the drama yet loving and being present with every actor and every action.  That True Self, the Real ME, is in solidarity with all my hurting parts that ‘act out’ and yet beyond their actions and feelings..caring for all the hurting parts and soothing their fears with love and understanding

That True Self is always firm and stable, always seeing Eternal Reality - always seeing the wholeness at the heart of everything, always aware of the good happy ending that is guaranteed to come, always knowing with that deep inner knowing that all is well..always true and never confused, always calm and never disturbed, always happy and never sad, always loving and good, always connected to God, part of God, made of God, one with God! 

In fact that Real Self is part of God, His divine Breath within this feeble frame, the gentle Blowing of His presence of Pure Love!  We are truly part of this wonderful Being, caught up as part of Him..our True Self is somehow one with God's Self..they are one!  We are flowing with Him at all times, never sad, always at peace, full of joy, part of that great reservoir of love and goodness who is our Papa, the Father of us all, the Source of all that is! 

We are always in perfect harmony with Him in our spirit!  One!  Flowing together as one heart!  No separation, no disturbance, no disagreement!  Right along with Him, we watch the drama of our lives and watch the acting out of all our addictions, struggles, plays for power, fear based mechanisms..and all is accepted, all is loved, nothing is judged 'unacceptable,' no part is rejected, no action is grounds for dismissal..all is loved, all is held, all is accepted, no matter what!  This is the Unconditional Love that we are part of, that we are held by, that we are caught up in, that we truly ARE in our Real Selves, forever!

We ARE That!

How long we have spent trying to get somewhere, trying to change and be better, trying to attain a sense of being 'okay' with God and life..trying to get close to God, get a deeper relationship with Him, get Him to flow out of us more..yet all that was always unnecessary, because all along we have been already there, already at what we were looking for, already who we wanted to be, already one with the One we were seeking!

We can truly say we are not trying to become one, trying to become good, trying to become holy, trying to become filled, trying to become loving, for we ARE that!  It's our identity, our nature, who we are as God's dear children!  The children share the same nature as the Parent.  God is Love, therefore so are we, His kids!  And not only that, we are connected with God so intimately that we are actually part of Him.  Christ even says He is the head and we are His body - all one Person, we being part of God Himself!  Talk about being caught up in a Life greater than your own, a story and existence far beyond your own earthly life!

Whatever it is we have sometimes searched for, longed for, or hoped to have or become, we can now know that we ARE that!  We ARE goodness, we ARE kindness, we ARE wholeness, we ARE fullness, we ARE faithfulness, we ARE holiness, we ARE peace, we ARE joy, we ARE love - we ARE God in these mortal bodies!  He is our deepest, truest, most real part, the core in us that makes us who we are, the Self that is our deepest most real self!  Just as Christ said, so can we say, "I and my Father are ONE."  With ONE, there is no separation, no lack.  With ONENESS, all is well, all is perfect, all is whole and complete.  With ONENESS there is no struggle to become - for we already ARE - there is no trying, there is only BE-ing in quietness and peace and joy, in perfect communion and intimacy.  With ONENESS there is no more trying to know, there is simply knowing and being known, complete transparency and fellowship.  We are truly part of God, we are at rest, we are satisfied, we are grounded, we are secure, we are safe, we are held, we are home, we are Love! 

We're never a separate self trying to become one with God or let Him flow through..we are part of God, one essence, there's no 'middle man' of a separate individual that has to 'do' or 'believe' or even 'understand' something to achieve oneness or allow the flow of love..we ARE That already, we ARE the Love we long for, love flows out of us because we ARE Flowing Love, we ARE part of God and can't be separated from Him any more than we could be separated from our own selves, for really 'we' and 'He' are one and the same in essence and connection and being and truth! We are God in these bodies, by nature and design!There is nothing to do, get to, or become.  We don't have to do, we can simply BE!  At all times we are effortlessly, naturally being Love Himself in these mortal bodies!  Be yourself - that's Him, wow!  Act natural - that's the Spirit in manifestation, wow!  Love because it's all you can do, because it's all you comes naturally since it's Who you ARE as "I AM!" 
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14