Confessions of Grace

I wrote out some grace truths and put them on a card to hang up where I can see them every day..then I expanded that list and wanted to put it here on the blog.  God is such a wonderful God of grace!  All He has given us out of His free and unearned love and grace is so amazing..I hope you enjoy these truths about your life!  He is so in love with us..

   I am the apple of God's eye - the focus of His attention.
> I am precious in His eyes, and honored - special..
> He's proud of me and He loves me!
> He loves me with NO conditions!
   I will never be separated from that love..
   I live, move and exist in HIS LOVE for me!
> God always delights in me and thinks the best of me.
   He thinks I'm a joy to be around!
> He loves to spend time with me..
   He requires nothing of me - just being together is special to Him..

> He's taking care of me and meeting all my needs.
   I'm provided for and never out of His hand.
   He understands all my thoughts and concerns.
   He cares about every detail of my life.
> He sees me perfect and isn't thinking of my faults -
> He will remember my sins NO MORE!
   I am surrounded by and live IN His grace at all times!
   I am always in His favor..
   He is always on my side, doing good things for me!

> I am right with God!
   I am at peace with God!
> I am as righteous (sinless) before the Father as Jesus is!
   I am totally acceptable and pleasing to Him for all eternity.
   I have been perfected once for all by Christ's sacrifice!
   He's happy with me!
> He's smiling at me all the time..
> I'm lovely as a rose to Him.
> I'm wonderfully made.
   I am worth loving!
> I am worth something just as I am!
   I am lovable and beloved!
> I belong to Him -
> I am forever His!
   I have a place in His house and will be with Him forever..
   He nestles me into a special place in His heart, made only for me!
> I'm wanted - I matter!
> I will always be accepted and loved, no matter what..
   I am accepted even in any mess I make..
> He made me accepted in Christ Jesus -
   I am just as accepted by the Father as Jesus is!
> I am accepted with no possibility of being rejected..
> I'm alive with His Life in a gift!
   His Spirit is in me forever, never to leave!
   His Spirit always tells me I'm God's dear child!
   His Spirit always uplifts me and lives His life through me..
   I am never without a friend, because I have Him inside me!
   His Spirit is my best friend, always there for me..

   He fights for me!
   I am so strong in Him!
   I am always in His victory, always winner in Him!
   I am always in authority through Christ over evil!
   I am always free from the power of sin and the enemy.
   He always leads me in His triumph!

> He is always, always, always GOOD to me!
   He ONLY does good to me!
   He loves to bless me -
   He has blessed me with every spiritual blessing -
> His blessings pour over me like a waterfall..
   He has given me everything in Christ and fulfills all His promises to me..
   I am healed, at peace, full, provided for, and protected!
   I am a whole person, not broken or lacking or messed up!
> I'm safe and secure -
> God won't leave or reject me!
> He stops and cares for "the one" - He cares for me!
   I have His full attention at all times.
   I am never out of His tender care, loyal love or strong protection..
   He calls me and MADE me beautiful!
   He has made all things fresh and new for me..
   I am a sweet and innocent child before Him!
   He has given me freedom and wide open spaces to dance and sing!
   I am beholding His face that is full of love for me -
   He is always thinking of me.

   He cherishes the person He made - ME!
   He dances and rejoices and shouts for joy over me!
   He has nothing but love and blessing and good gifts for me..
   He has a wonderful dream for my future that WILL come to pass!
> His Spirit floods me with joy and peace!
> I will never be alone, and I will fear no evil, for You are with me!
> You are WITH me ALWAYS..
   And You have hugged me close to You heart forever!
   His Presence surrounds me like a shield, and Satan's darts can't get through.
   Your Presence is the realm in which I now exist and live.
   He is IN me and I'm IN Him - you can't get any closer than that!

   I carry God around, the power that raised Christ from the dead!
   Jesus LIVES in me and through me!
   Jesus handles my life for me, and HE is always successful.
   I am a success in Him!

   He will finish the work He started in me.
   He will preserve me blameless - without fault - spirit, soul and body!
   He will keep me firm in faith - with His own faith pulsing in me!
   I am secure in His salvation forever and can't fall out of His hand.
   He will never let go of me or relax His hold on me..
   I am loved by Him with an unconditional Love..
   GOD IS LOVE that will never, ever let me go!
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14