Sunday, April 3, 2011

His Presence IN Me Reminds Me That...

The very presence of the Spirit of God in my life tells me so many things.  He is called a seal or sign of the New Covenant salvation we have, and it is so wonderful to think on what His being within us means..
His presence in us tells us the staggering truth that we're actually, amazingly in union with God Himself.  Wow!  The wonderful and almighty God of the universe has come to make His home in us by His Spirit.  He has joined His Spirit with ours and we are never apart.  That is unfathomable to me.  I have sweet fellowship with the very Spirit of God!  God and I are actually one in spirit/Spirit!  In union forever, unbelievable but true.  Oh, grace is just sooo good!

Just His being in us also means we have all we need for this life.  He is the Spirit of Grace, and of Love, and of Power, and of a Sound Mind.  He is the Spirit of Truth, Holiness, and Grace.  He is the Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, and Might.  He is everything we need, the very Spirit of Christ dwelling within in infinite abundance, joy, peace and life.  We never lack because we have the One who is all within us!

His presence in us tells us God loves us and accepts us!  He is the One sent into our hearts to pour out the love of God, to cry out Abba (Daddy) from within us, to assure us that we are accepted by our Father, to assure us that we are safe forever in His arms.  He tells us we belong with God, we're included and embraced and at home with Him.  Getting to know Him, I have been discovering that He is so much more loving, good, kind and wonderful than I ever could have imagined.  He is 100% pure love and grace, trustworthy, faithful, and good. 

Since He dwells only in a holy temple, the fact that He's dwelling inside us reminds us that we are holy and perfect and clean before the Father, all because of Jesus' perfect work, not at all based on our efforts.  (What a relief!)  His very presence within us is the constant reminder and guarantee that we are right with the Father 100% of the time, no matter whether we fail or not. 

He is the Spirit of Life, and His presence within reminds us that we are now in Life, Life that is Eternal, Life that never ends, wears out, or dies - imperishable, incorruptible Life!  He is the very Spirit of Life who has lifted us out of the realm of sin and death into the realm of Life.  We are now free to enjoy Him, our everlasting source of nourishment, flourishing, growth and renewal.  His presence in me reminds me of all this, that I'm now in the Life realm of Christ, not the death realm of sin.  Sin will never have a hold on me again, will never curse or condemn me or cause me to die.

Since He's the Power that raised Christ from the dead, His presence in us tells us we have resurrection power in us!  We have Someone in us who is way stronger than any evil, attack, lie, threat, problem, worry, fear or trouble.  We're not vulnerable and threatened, we're in the Victorious One and His Spirit is mighty in us to do all!  What a powerful Ally we have on our side and by our side.

He is the guarantee of our inheritance, the down-payment of our heavenly bliss.  Because of His joining our spirits to Himself, our spirits are IN His Spirit and that means our spirits are already in the heavenly realm, seated with Christ in the heavenly places!  He is the constant reminder that we will one day be resurrected in our body as well, and thus He is the guarantee that we're eternally safe with God and won't ever be rejected.  

And He's our Best Friend who will never leave or forsake us.  He's sent to be with us always, always, always!   So His presence in us tells us we will never be without Him, never be without His friendship and companionship.  We will never be abandoned.  We will never be left alone.  We will never be alone to face anything in this life, ever.

His presence in us also reminds us that we don't have to live this Christian life on our own.  We live by the Spirit - we never have to go it alone.  He is there to live this Christian life in us, to handle anything that comes our way, to conquer confusion by guiding us into all truth, to fight for us, to love people through us, to uplift us and carry us when we can't make it, to protect us from the evil one, to bring us through every circumstance in peace.  Paraclete means "one coming alongside to take our part" and He takes our part in this life journey and lives for us. 

He is with us to befriend us, fellowship with us, love on us, reassure us, and even live our very life through us, loving the world right through us!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14