Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jesus, Friend of my Heart..

I loved this song back in the day..and lately as I've been going through some anxious times, the Spirit has kept this song playing in the background of my mind.  I finally stopped to notice, and I realized I'd been trying to deal with my worries rather than simply looking to Him.  So I began to talk to Him about things and began to truly feel better and know He was there.  Of course He had been there all along, and it was like He was reminding me that He carries me, He's the friend of my heart, He's the One who truly cares and takes care of my issues - so I don't have to.  Ever since I became God's child, my heart and life have been in His hands and He's been taking care of me.  That brings such peace.

Here are some of the lines in the song that meant a lot to me:

"Whisper the words of a prayer
  And you'll find Him there
  Arms open wide, love in His eyes!
  Jesus, He meets you where you are
  Jesus, He heals your secret scars
  All the love you're longing for
  All the love that you need
  Is Jesus - the Friend of a wounded heart."

I am so glad we are never alone, never without a Friend, never without support, for He is living this life through us!  It's a relief to stop and just bask in His Presence.  His Presence is all that's needed.  He ministers to us all that we need because He ministers HIMSELF!  His Presence by His Spirit in us is the source of all joy, peace, hope, rest, love, acceptance, comfort, victory, strength, clarity, fulfillment and life.  HE is all those things to us.  His Presence is the one necessary thing that Mary discovered, and it (HE) won't ever be taken away from us!

Thank You, Lord, that not only are you WITH us and IN us, but You are also living THROUGH us and You will perfect all that concerns us today!  Thank You for the way You woo us back to remembering that when we get anxious; thank You for how You draw us to look to You and see Your "arms open wide, love in Your eyes."  Jesus, thank You for being Our Truest Friend who always understands and accepts us and who lifts us UP!  Troubles can't get us down because we're upheld and kept by You, and You are living through us!  You are always just what we need, and You meet us right where we are and minister to us the word, the love, the joy, the peace, the power - whatever it is we need in that moment, You ARE that for and in us!  Thank You for being the Friend of our wounded hearts!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14