Friday, April 15, 2011

I Have the Perfect Father

I have the Perfect Father - God Himself is my Father and the Spirit of His Son is in my heart crying, "Daddy," and testifying that I'm His child.

I've been brought into intimate relationship with My Father, into the relationship of the Father and Son - I share that same intimacy and closeness with the Father that Jesus does.  The Holy Spirit has shown me that, pouring God's love in my heart and showing me my sonship, giving me the experience of that intimate relationship with my Father God!

The Holy Spirit is kind and gentle and loving, and that Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God - that is, He is my Father's very Spirit!  My Father is revealed to me to be pure Love!

Jesus said "We (the Father and the Son) will come and make our home in you" - by the Spirit this has happened!  The Spirit dwells in me as a believer, and the Spirit reveals Christ, who reveals the Father.  They have made their home in me and I am taken up into this wonderful Father and Child relationship, the perfect parent-child relationship.

He is ALL Love towards me ALL the time, always treating me with tenderness as His dear little child.  He is never angry with me, never uses harsh words with me; He always treats me with gentleness, kindness, generosity, and goodness.

Yes, He is a GOOD Father - He never puts bad or evil things upon me.  He only gives good and perfect gifts!  He loves to shower His love and favor and kindness upon me, just because He loves me.  That is the kind of wonderful Father I have.

I can sit on my Daddy's lap anytime and get a wonderful holy hug!

He holds me in His arms, and those arms protect me from all evil.  My daddy is stronger than anything, and He keeps me safe from the enemy - He won't let the enemy even touch me, and nothing can snatch me out of those strong arms!  Those arms are my support, for He's always watching, ready to catch me if I'm falling, ready to support me when I get tired.  He carries me in His arms, and I can truly fall asleep on His shoulder and just rest, rest, rest.

His arms are not just a place of protection and support, they are also a place of tender embrace, a place of total acceptance.  He loves to just hold me in His arms.  He is always there for me, always has time for me, loves to be with me and listen to and talk with me. And those arms are my comfort as well, for just being in His arms melts my anxieties and sadness away, and I calm down and breathe easily again. 

In His eyes, I am always His perfect and beautiful little daughter.  In His arms, I am always safe and secure, loved, held, understood, sheltered, cherished!

I have the Perfect Father!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14