Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Have the Perfect True Love

I have the Perfect True Love and Husband - it's my precious Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

He is the Perfect Love and Husband.  We have a deep and perfect relationship.

He's passionate about me!  He thinks I am absolutely beautiful.  He sees no fault or flaw in me.  His smile, the way He looks at me, just melts my heart!  He treats me with honor and makes me feel so special.

He loves me truly.  He loves me with all His heart, with all that He is.  He loves me completely, irrevocably, and overwhelmingly.  He can't hold back His love for me or contain the strong emotions of delight He has in me!  He loves being with me, and He couldn't bear to ever be without me, couldn't bear for us to ever be apart.

He cherishes and understands me.  He loves to talk with me, laugh together, and just be in each other's company.  We have fun together and also go through the tough times together.  We're close, and I can share anything with Him and have total acceptance by Him no matter what.  Nothing I do, say or think will ever change the way He sees me or loves me.

He'll never leave me or abandon me - I'm secure in this relationship!  He's totally trustworthy and faithful, like a rock that I can count on to be solid for me as I lean against Him for strength and support.  And when I feel my world is crumbling around me, He will hold me in His arms as I cry.  He will always be there for me.

He's never angry with me, never demanding of me. He never points out my faults.  He never mistreats or abuses me.  He's never rough or harsh with me, no matter what I've done or how I've messed up in my own eyes. He didn't enter into this relationship with me to make me His slave or servant;  He entered in this relationship to lavish all His love on me and to share Himself with me.  He loves me for who I am and makes me feel so beautiful and cherished.

His words and actions don't tear me apart, no - they heal me and lift me up!  He always reminds me of the truth of His unconditional, forever love for me, sealed by covenant vows that won't ever be broken.  I am His, and He is mine, forever!  We have perfect communion and a perfect bond of love between us.  Everything is always fine between us.  We have an open relationship of trust and care and understanding.

I am His one and only!  I have the Perfect True Love..

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14