The Way He Treats Us

We are blessed to have the very life of Christ within us, His Spirit dwelling within.  There is an intimate union of spirit with Spirit that is our permanent reality now.  We are never alone, for we always have Him joined with us in perfect fellowship.  We are never "at odds" with each other; this friendship is solid, secure and unchangeably right.  And having such a Friend so close and united with us, it is a blessing that He treats us right every single time.

He will lead us into all truth - that means He'll never lie or bring confusion.  We can trust every word He says to us.  He defeats the power of all the lies we've believed over the years.  He frees us from their grip on us by telling us the truth of our belovedness and freedom, of our rightness with God as a gift through Jesus.

He is the Comforter - that means He will never make us feel worse, only better.  He will never bruise our wounded souls or be harsh.  He restores a sense of wholeness to us and wipes our tears.  He holds us till we can function again.  He promises to never leave or forsake us but instead to always be there for us with His comforting presence. 

He is the minister of the New Covenant, which is of grace and not law.  To me that means that He isn't "law-ing" me to death, but instead "gracing" my dead places to life again!  He isn't bossing me around but freeing my heart to worship and love life and others again.  He continually pours onto me the acceptance and favor I so crave.

He is the power that raised Christ from the dead.  That means we're sure to be raised bodily one day as well, and that even now on this earth we are sustained moment by moment by His very presence within us!  No matter what our sin or struggle, His life triumphs over all and continues to carry us along.  He truly lives in and through us!  His power fights against every attack of the evil one, every temptation, every lie that is whispered to us.  We are never alone and vulnerable.  Someone is fighting for us with resurrection power!

He ministers righteousness, peace and joy to us in this new kingdom.  That means I never need worry that He will condemn me, for He is the One proclaiming that I am righteous with the righteousness of Christ Himself!  His presence fills me with joy and peace.  He brings security and a feeling of elation.  He is here and all is well.  His life has triumphed over all that was killing us and delivered us from the death realm to the life realm.  We're free from all that bound us.  That brings joy!

He pours God's love into our hearts.  He isn't there to put us down or make us feel like sorry failures.  He is there to give us back our dignity, to tell us we have worth and value, to tell us that Someone cares that we exist.  We're precious in His sight and delighted in by God Himself.  We are loved.

What a wonderful Friend, Christ Himself in His very Spirit, is living within us, joined to us as our forever companion! 

                            With love,
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14