Monday, September 17, 2012

The Law of the Spirit Keeps Us!

Grace means we have a Life inside us, given to us for free, that we can't lose or make go away!

The Holy Spirit who indwells us and makes up our spiritual DNA is so interwoven and connected with us.  After all, we were reborn with the Nature of Christ as our nature and the Life of Christ as our life!

We are alive with Him, a Person, the very Spirit of Christ, as our very Life, the core and source at the depth of our very being, in union with our spirit.  Our spirit has been regenerated or remade with heavenly material - Christ's very Life!

We have a Life in us we can't lose or be separated from!  How can you be separated from your very own nature?  How can our spirit, which was formed using the very Spirit of Christ, be separated from that Spirit?  We are part of the new creation reality that Christ has begun, and we can't ever go back to death or separation from Him ever, ever again!

No more separation!

Wherever you are, God is..whatever you are going through, He is going through..whatever you experience, He understands and experiences along with you..

And vice versa!  Whatever riches belong to Christ now belong to you!  Whatever resources are at heaven's disposal are now at your disposal!  You plus God makes infinity!  "With God on our side like this, how can we lose?"  (Rom 8, MSG)

We can't lose!  We have an unkillable, unstoppable, unlosable Life inside us!  We are kept by the power of an indestructible Life!

"We don't have a Law we have to keep; we have a Law that will keep us!"  (Jamie Weeks)

The Holy Spirit, a Person, lives inside us as a law of Life in us!  We have been sealed with Him unto the day of redemption.  He is like the Angel of the Lord that kept the Israelites on their way, like the pillar of fire/cloud.  He is that for us, INSIDE us rather than outside us!  He is upholding us and moving us along to our heavenly destination, assuring that we arrive at the bodily resurrection one day and enjoy the marriage supper with our Heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus.  His presence in us is the guarantee that the redemption of our body WILL happen, that we WILL receive the complete inheritance in tangible and visible form in heaven, and thus always be with the Lord, spirit, soul and body!  Our spirits are already part of that heavenly reality, and the presence of the dear Holy Spirit within us, melded to our spirit in forever union, is our assurance that our bodies will 'catch up' with our spirits one day!

What a wonderful Holy Spirit!  He is our keeper and security, our very Law of Life within, holding us up and always keeping us IN LIFE, for He is the source of our very being, the seed that gave birth to us, the material with which we were remade, our spiritual DNA, our very Life.  And as such, we are inseparable, forever melded together.

So we cannot ever be apart from Him!  No more separation!  And no way to lose Him!  He is in us and we are in Him in our new creation selves, as the very way we were re-birthed.  We are so melded together that the word used for the Holy Spirit "dwelling" in us (in James) carries the idea of being permanently cemented together!  This is the Person that dwells in us, closer than our heartbeat, closer than our breath, never to leave, abandon or forsake us - it's not even possible, for it would be like losing part of our very make-up as a person!

Since He and we cannot be separated, the Spirit of Life in Christ is a LAW to and for us!  So stable and sure!  His Life, which can't be separated from us, is a stable law for us, our keeper, upholding us in Life at all times.  Thus we have been taken out of the death, sin, curselands, and we have been placed in the life, grace, communion lands forevermore.

The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is buoying us up and matter what we do or say or get confused matter how many struggles in faith or troubles we matter how many times we matter what our emotions matter what comes our way or what Satan throws at us..we are still alive in His Life!  We are still up in the fresh air of grace in the new creation reality!  We are still out of the law of sin and death - freed from the curse, freed from condemnation, freed from guilt! Sins remembered no more and punished no more!  Free, free, free!  Breathing and living on the fresh air of the Spirit, pulsing with the Life of the Spirit, formed with the very Being of God!

We are "part of the permanent and cannot die" (from 1 John 2, Phillips translation).  We are born of imperishable seed.  We are new, new, new!  We are alive with a Life that is ETERNAL in the heavens!  This life is the very Spirit of Christ Himself, the very material we are remade with is heavenly, eternal material!  And this material is a Person!  We have a Person in us, the Holy Spirit, holding us together and keeping us.  We will never die or be separated from God ever, ever, ever!  "We are in Life and we are never going out! "(Jamie Weeks)  We are one with God Himself, the very temple of His Spirit.  He's living in us, has made His home in us, and is fellowshipping with us 24/7..this is heaven on earth!  This is what we were made for!

Thank You, Holy Spirit of Life in Christ, for being my life and being a law of life in me, holding me up and keeping me in life just by being in me as my life!  Thank You for fellowshipping with me always, always loving and delighting in me!  Thank You for empowering me with all the resources of heaven and freeing me forever from the law of sin and death and curse.  Thank You for the joy of being in Your presence forever!

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May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14