Monday, August 12, 2013

God Only Thinks of You withThoughts of Love

God is Love...and that means that He only has thoughts of love toward you!
God is Love...and that means that He only does acts of love for you!
God is Love...and that means that He only speaks words of love to you!

I am finding it is really so simple..He is Pure Love, 100% Love, ever and only Love...There isn't a single itty bitty part of Him that isn't Love..there isn't one single word, deed, thought or intent of God that isn't perfect Love!!!

So when I am faced with an idea about how He acts, I can ask, "Would Perfect Love do or say or think that?" 

He is Perfect Love and would only act in love, so I can ask if those ideas about His actions are in line with Perfect Love, as defined in 1 Co. 13 - kind, patient, not rude, forgiving, hopeful, believing the best about people, putting up with anything, always thinking the best, never ceasing or failing..  So if an idea about Him doesn't fit that definition, then I can see that it doesn't fit my wonderful God of love!

I can just ask would a loving friend or parent or spouse do or say or think such a thing?  And that will tell me if God would be like that, for He is certainly better, nicer and more loving than the nicest friend, parent or spouse on earth!

I can just look at the scriptures and see if that idea that is being given to me is in keeping with the very way He showed us to act, in love toward others.  He has said to do no harm, for love does no harm to a neighbor...He has told us to be kind and tender-hearted toward others and forgive others their faults, without really putting any stipulations on whether they must ask forgiveness first or not...He has told us to not give evil for evil, but to instead give wouldn't He act at least as nicely as He asked us to act?

All these questions have helped me so much in seeing just how loving He is, and also in seeing just how many crazy ideas I have had about God that were just not in keeping with His nature of perfect LOVE!  I have in the past believed Him to be harsh, demanding repentance before He would consider forgiving me, demanding me to surrender all my hopes and dreams and be willing to do anything He wanted before He would bless me, requiring all kinds of things from me and getting angry and punishing me if I didn't obey, giving me an impossible standard that I couldn't measure up to, turning away and leaving me if I failed too much...yet none of these ideas is in line with God being Love!  None of them fit in with His nature of love, for 1 John tells us love is the essence of who He is - "God IS Love!"

What a wonderful thing to find out He is truly pure Love, 100%, with no shadows at all!  That means that He is patient, kind, understanding, not rude or pushy, willing to put up with anything, not taking into account a wrong suffered, bearing all things from us, believing in us always, hoping the best for us, planning only good things for us, having our best interests at heart, always thinking of us, always giving to us, never rejecting us no matter how terribly we perform, having no conditions we have to meet to get or keep His love, truly cherishing us, truly valuing us, truly seeing us as worth loving, actually desiring to be with us so much that He would rather die than be without us!  This is who God is!  What a relief that He is not like I feared but instead better than I ever dreamed, hoped or imagined!

God is Love!  Hallelujah!


  1. I really like the idea of being under the waterfalls of his grace. and im looking for waterfalls in salt lake city too. can you help?

  2. thanks really needed the encouragement

  3. Just found this blog and was uplifted to hear the soothing words of God's love pouring over me. When I loose sight of God it is normally when I loose sight of who I am in Christ. I fall but Jesus lifts me up. Thank you

  4. Thank you to Dean, Glorygirl and Trudy, so nice to 'meet' you all here..yes, I agree, isn't it wonderful to just be showered with the waterfall of His love and grace? I am like you, Trudy, when I lose sight of who I am in Christ, I lose my focus on God as well, and I feel like things start to unravel and feel empty..God was just showing me today that even when that happens, nothing has changed between us, nothing has changed in me, nothing has changed in Him! We are still in perfect union, I am still His beloved and perfect child, and He still adores me..isn't it a relief to just come back to seeing the truth and know that you don't have to "work hard to get close to God again", for He never left, we never lost any closeness..we just 'felt like we did...oh what a relief to be in perfect union with Him and always so perfect in His sight! Blessings to all of you, may you enjoy those showers of love pouring down on us at all times!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14