Monday, December 16, 2013

Are We Undeserving or Unworthy of His Love?

I have heard many times the definition of grace as 'undeserved favor' ..that even though we don't deserve it, God loves us.  That grace is God's love for the undeserving, His favor given to those that don't deserve such treatment. 

Yet I recently read a post on facebook that said something different and intriguing.  The person said that really, in God's eyes, we actually DESERVE love and favor because we are His dearly loved creations and any good father would say that his children deserved love and blessings! 

That was new to me and such a joy to think about, that HE thinks I deserve to be loved, accepted, helped, blessed, etc.! I think it goes along with the idea of worthiness, too - that we are worthy, we have His very worth in and upon us as His very own offspring!  In fact, because Jesus gave His own life for us, God giving up His own Son for us all, that shows we are worth just as much to God as Jesus is - talk about being worth a lot, being worthy!

We are worthy, and we are deserving, just by being His children, His dearly loved creations!

We are worth loving, worth saving, worth redeeming, and we deserve all the love, help, affection, care and good things a Perfect Father would give!


  1. Wow... I feel that we are on the same page with this amazing Grace message. How refreshing!

    Most Christians I know have a blend of the Old Covenant Law and New Covenant Grace. This can be deadly. I like the way Bertie Brits expresses this. He said that there wasn't a being worthy enough to bring us into the place that God originally intended for us, but the Son of God Himself. That's why we say the He is worthy.

    Now the Holy Spirit is revealing to us that WE had such a great worth that God had to come down Himself to redeem us. We sing worthy because of revelation of our own worth and then the Work He has to restore us to the place where we can have union in the Trinity having the God kind of life. Thank You, Father for what You have done for us! Thank You that You didn't come with a secondhand plan of saying, "Well, let Me see what I can do for man." But You had a plan from the beginning to have us as the God-kind, a people that You can come and fellowship with, a friend that is of Your kind, Your type... and You've restored that for us!
    Thank You Lord, that we will never change that for slavery, for servanthood, or anything like that! But thank You, Lord, that we can stand today, boldly, before Your throne of grace and have fellowship with the Almighty! I thank You, in Jesus' Name!

  2. Your blog posts are inspiring.
    Years ago when I was in some dark times, trying to please God but failing in every way, even though I was giving it 110%.
    I honestly thought I wasn't going to heaven, I came across your blog. It helped me understand that God's grace is what saves, not our own efforts to please him. What an amazing God we have!

  3. Alexander and Woolly, it is so nice to hear from you both! Alexander, you sound so much like me. I love how you said it is God's grace that saves us, not our efforts to please Him. What a relief! I always need to hear that over and over, it is such a wonderful message, His grace!
    And thank you Dorothy, for all you shared about our worth to Him! I loved what you wrote and echo your beautiful prayer! I also enjoy Bertie Brits and thank God for many grace teachers that we have now to help us know about His love and grace...I loved what you wrote about us being the God-kind and being in union with the Trinity, being God's friend! Wow!
    Blessings of grace and love to you all, with love from Sparrow!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14