Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Walking with Jesus from Incarnation to Ascension - Day 27 - Incarnation Continues!

Christ never reveals Himself apart from or separate from us – this truth is overwhelming me! He isn’t ‘out there somewhere,’ He has always been IN! He always and ever and only reveals Himself WITHIN us, as part of us, as the deepest part of who we are, the source and life and fabric of our very being!! God with us, God in us, God as us! I don’t have to get close to Him, find Him, look for Him, or move toward Him – He’s in me and in all people already.

God put a thought in my heart that Jesus is inside each and every person, just waiting to be discovered by them! It is like discovering the life-long friend and soul-mate you’ve always wanted lives right in your own home already, right in your own body-tent! It is like discovering that all you’ve ever wanted to be you already are – as He is, so are we – filled with God’s presence, overflowing with the Spirit without measure, honored, loved and adored by God, a pleasure and delight to God, a light to others, a lover, AT REST, fully qualified and prepared for anything in life! Wow!

We are divine ones in a way I can’t grasp, Jesus-inside people! In the words of a favorite author of mine, Dan Stone, ‘you are already all you were meant to be: one with the One who is Life.’ One with God, that describes a human being, doesn’t it? A meshing of God and a person, a tangible being who is the expression of God’s thought, God’s logos, Christ Himself. In some amazing way I can’t quite grasp I am a ‘little Christ!’ The incarnation continues – just as HE was with Christ, so HE is with me!

I am not lacking, don’t need to try to be more spiritual or more committed or more yielded, don’t need to ask for more wattage or dosage of the Holy Spirit, don’t need to surrender more or struggle to focus on Him, don’t need to get to another level or beg for a bigger blessing or anointing. I already AM rich, full, complete, adequate and prepared for every good work, for everything!

I love way the Mirror has 1 Cor. 1:7: “You don’t lack anything – you are fully qualified. You have every reason to expect the Lord Jesus Christ to be made visible through you.” Wow! God naturally acts like Himself, God naturally lives, manifests His true nature, loves others, overflows with kindness and goodness, flows with divine vibrancy, uplifts others – and that is Who is flowing through me! God doesn’t need my help to be Himself! Haha!

I keep thinking of a quote I read on facebook somewhere: “God will manifest your new creation life in you without your help.” Without my help! To me, that describes God’s way in me, that is ALL GRACE – it’s without my help, not needing my input or initiation to make it ‘go,’ totally spontaneously flowing from God, natural and EASY! We truly can sit back and enjoy the ride, just watching God flow! I can fully expect Him to manifest in me without my help, without my doing anything! It is as natural as breathing, as easy as pie! I love this new way of looking at the Christian life – it makes everything so natural and real and truly EASY!

The incarnation is me, is you, is everyone – we all discover that Christ is in us, God with us, IN US, and He’s been there all along! We discover that simply who we are as humans, not something unnatural that’s been added at some point but is foreign to us – no, this is who we are, we are God-men, we are divinity in earthsuits, we are heaven on earth, we are a union relationship between God and flesh people, we are the expressions of God in this space and time realm, little gods, in His image and likeness, each of us unique and individually beautiful personal expressions of Papa Himself, like a beautiful kaleidoscope, like a wonderful work of art, or as Andre says, His poem!

I am a love poem God writes to the world and I have something very meaningful and valuable to share with this world just by being me! How hard is it to be myself? It’s so easy! I always thought the Christian life was denying my own dreams and desires and thoughts and even my own personality (which is really very introverted and quiet, more disposed to long solitary walks in the woods than being in a crowd)…yet the Christ life that is in me, as me, is all about me being ME! God wouldn’t have it any other way, He’s made me perfectly, just the way I am, with all my personality quirks, as a PERFECT expression of Him in “His Susannah form” – yes! I glorify God by being myself. He naturally shines through without my having to do a thing.

All of life becomes a spiritual experience! All of life becomes saturated with God and with grace! All of life becomes His expression of LOVE to the world! When people see me they really do see Him! When I touch them, He really touches them! He is living through me, as me, without my help, simply by me being ME! Wow! The incarnation continues!


  1. That's what I say, too. WOW!!! This is amazing truth God shared with you. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. "All of life becomes a spiritual experience! All of life becomes saturated with God and with grace! All of life becomes His expression of LOVE to the world! When people see me they really do see Him! When I touch them, He really touches them! He is living through me, as me, without my help, simply by me being ME! Wow!"

  2. Steve, I agree, it is so amazing! I am still trying to take it in! He is so awesome, and He is truly living in us, as us! Wow! Blessings to you, my brother!

  3. What you said before sounds like "New Thought Ancient Wisdom." If you haven't heard of it it's a teaching I've come across several times from different practitioners. I understand Christ in us but you said "he isn't 'out there somewhere'".My guess is that although I believe this teaching started back in the 1800s or so the truths taught from it didn't originate with it's practitioners back in the 1800s. They might have heard Charles Spurgeon or others and then begin to take things to an extreme. Besides other things I don't like about it that I'm sure God can handle it's my understanding they don't even believe heaven is real or Jesus is real. That he is there in heaven distinct as well as in us. So is that what you're saying that Jesus is some sort of energy now or something and not distinct like a friend you would talk to? I thank God he's with us and in us. He said he would be. but I believe we can also see him and interact with him that way as well. Is he just as real (even more real) as you or I in heaven and or walking among us if we only had eyes to see?

  4. Gahigi, thank you for your comments and thoughts! In answer to your questions, maybe what I said in the post was misleading..I do believe that He is both in us and all around us, both within and without, in heaven and in my heart..I think what I was trying to say in the post was that all my life I searching for Him thinking He was far of from me somewhere externally, but He revealed Himself as 'Christ IN me!' Wow! I do not know much of anything about New Thought. I do believe that Heaven is real, and Jesus is real. I believe we are one yet there is distinction in our oneness so that we have relationship and mutual sharing and conversation and love flowing between us in this oneness! I see it just like the Trinity, they are 3 in 1, oneness yet still 3 Persons sharing fellowship and in relationship..I think we are right there in the midst of the Trinity in Christ, included forever in that oneness and union relationship! I don't see Jesus as just energy, I see Him like you say, as a friend that I would talk to, a distinct Person that I can have relationship with, yet so close and so one with me that He is at the core of my very Being! I can interact with Him in such a beautiful way, have loving fellowship! I love how you said that, He is even more real than us and is here among us, IN us, if only we have eyes to see! Wow! The resurrection gave us His eyes to see as He sees, to see that God is everywhere around us and also in us, as us, as the deepest part of our very selves! Thank you for sharing that! I really resonate with what you said and hope that I answered your questions..I think we see it similarly..I am just learning a lot lately about how He is in me, as me, one with me, and it is changing my life! I never knew He was so close, so IN! I never knew this friend was so much a part of me, my true identity! I could be wrong about things I believe, this is simply how I see it right now, I want to always be humble and ready to learn and grow in my understanding, so thank you for all you shared, it helps me solidify my understanding of these things! Blessings to you, Gahigi!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14