Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Grace Means To Me..

To me, right now, I feel that Grace means...

Everything is okay..
All is well..
We are safe..
We are home..

We can't be lost..
It's impossible for us to be lost..
We are in a safe place,
A protected and sheltered place..

We are not free-falling,
Waiting to crash at any moment..
We are never going to crash..
The hammer is never going to fall..

For there is no hammer!
There is no danger of crashing!
There is something solid under us, supporting us..
Solid and strong, yet also buoyant and uplifting..

God's arms are underneath us,
Holding us up..
Carrying us along..
We are being carried by Life Himself!

So we are not free falling..
We are not spinning out of control..
We are actually flying!
We are soaring on currents of Light, Life and Love!

And everything is accepted..
Everything is allowed..
All parts of us, all thoughts, feelings, and even behaviors
Are accepted, embraced, understood, loved!

There is no part of us that is rejected..
There is no part of us that is unacceptable..
There is no part of us that is unwanted..
There is no part of us that is ugly, misshapen, or wrong..

Every part of us is beautiful!
Every part of us is beloved!
Every part of us is allowed to be, to express itself, to exist and breathe easy..
Just as we are, in this moment, we are perfect, we are precious, we are love..

That is what Grace is to me -
It is the reality of a Love so strong, so encompassing, so unconditional,
That it means we are perfectly safe and secure
Guaranteed a happy ending, guaranteed a safe arrival and joyous welcome..

It is a Love so perfect, pure, open, vast and embracing
That is means we can be anything, do anything, feel like anything
And still be loved, still be accepted, still be okay,
Still be home!

And so this Love frees us from having to worry whether we will be
Judged..or punished..or rejected..or abandoned..
This love frees us with its utter security..frees us..
To be ourselves, to be real, to be open, to be vulnerable, to be human!

It frees us to try and fail and not worry whether we fail or not..
It frees us to ask questions and even doubt and know all is still well..
It frees us to not have to know all the answers or even know the questions!
It frees us to think any thought and feel any feeling and know it's valid, ok..

It frees us to feel safe in God's arms..knowing we can't fall out of those arms!
It frees us to get to know Him, feel safe opening up to Him, talking to Him..
It frees us to allow ourselves to be loved by Him,
It frees us to be feel worthy of love..

It frees us to love ourselves,
It frees us to be kind to ourselves,
And to allow ourselves to be the wonderful, awesome people we really are!
To be the magnanimous, joy-to-be-around children of God we truly are!!

That is what grace means to me..
How wonderful..
How reassuring..
How freeing..

Grace is God saying, "I won't ever leave, reject you, or kick you out..
I am here to stay, and you're with Me to stay.
Everything is okay and all right between us,
And everything is going to be ultimately all right."

And you don't have to make some move for all of this to be so.
It IS so.
That's the good news..That's the gospel..
That's GRACE!


  1. This is an awesome post, Nancy. I want to republish this on For His Glory soon. Great thoughts and description of grace.

  2. Grace is truly awesome, isn't it, Steve? I sometimes feel I am just beginning to really grasp what it is! He is so wonderful, isn't He?

  3. One of the most beautiful blog posts I've ever read :) Thanks so much for sharing. This post makes understanding Grace so simple yet it shows how powerful and all-encompassing His Grace is!

  4. Hello, dear Anon, I so agree with your words describing the beauty of Grace - Grace is so powerful and all-encompassing! Wonderful! We will never be able to adequately describe it..words never can do justice to such an infinite, all-embracing LOVE! Blessings to you!

  5. Thanks, Sparrow, I will print and send this to my Mum. Nice to hear that you just resting!

  6. Hi Sparrow and friends,

    Here’s a beautiful song which sounds much like your poetry.

    Blessings abound



    Already Home, Already Free

    Nothing to seek.
    Nothing to gain.
    Nothing to know.

    Nothing to lose.
    Nothing to do,
    but let go.

    Let's rest here
    where the future
    and the past disappear...
    in the sanctity of Now.

    Nothing to prove.
    Nothing to own.
    No one to be.

    Nowhere to move.
    Already home.
    Already Free.

    Let's just stay
    in the cave of the heart today
    and bask
    in this ever-present love.

    Nothing to fix.
    Nothing to change.
    Nothing to fight.

    Only what is.
    What if what is
    is just right.

    Why not trust
    this Mystery living us
    and rest
    in the refuge of the Self.

    Nothing to judge.
    No one to blame or fear.
    Only my face
    greeting me in the mirror.

    Nowhere to turn.
    Nowhere to hide.
    Nobody else.

    Nothing outside
    that isn't inside

    Let's just see,
    Is anyone here but me? --
    in the present moment now.

    Nothing to know.
    Nothing to do.
    No one to be.

    Nowhere to go.
    Already home.
    Already free.

    Nowhere to go.
    Already home.
    Already free.

    Nowhere to go.
    Already home.
    Already free.

  7. Woolly, thank you for sharing the link and lyrics to this beautiful song! I LOVE it, and I'm sharing this with everybody on the blog..if I get get things copied over from youtube correctly..thank you again my brother! Nothing to do, fix, or change..what a relief to just REST and BE!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14