Monday, December 14, 2015

God Carries Us

God carries us!

God carries me!  

God carries you!

That's the message of grace to my ears..that whatever you do or have done, wherever you go or have been, whoever you are or have become, it doesn't matter, because no matter what, God carries you..

God carries you along..He carries you in sickness and in pain..He carries you in hurt and confusion..He carries you in doubt and anxiety..He carries you in terror and loneliness..He carries you in rage and bitterness..

No matter what, you are never too 'bad' for Him..He carries you no matter what you do or think or believe!

He carries you through it all..He carries you in want and need..He carries you in happiness and in calamity, in peace and in good times and bad..He carries you, takes care of you, won't drop you..He continues working out His very good love plan, no matter how rotten or crappy you act matter whether you talk to Him or turn your back on Him, no matter whether you are acting like a saint or royally messing up..

No matter what, He's got you, He's carrying you, He's taking care of everything, He won't let go of you!

No matter what, He's carrying you..that means the destination is will arrive safely home no matter what (after all, grace a says you're already there inside, in spirit, and in fact you never left)!  Grace says God carries you, through all of life, through all the trials, through all the suffering, through all the tears, through all the joys and sorrows, through it all, God carries you, and He won't let you down, won't leave, won't desert or abandon you..

He carries you and He will get you through anything, He will make it all work out right in the end, He will bring you to a happy ending, for sure, guaranteed, easy-peasy, without a doubt..

God carries you..He has started your life, He maintains and moves along your life, He will bring your life right where He wants it to go, to a good end..a happy ending!  

You never did have to carry yourself or your life..this life was never 'all up to you,' was never in your hands to 'make or break.'  That's law, anyways, and HE has always been Grace!  He has always had your life in His hand, always had the end safely wrapped up from the beginning. You could never have messed this up!  You have never been in any real danger.  You have always been SAFE in His arms.  This God has been our Home for all eternity, from all eternity TO all eternity!  From everlasting to everlasting He is our God, the God who carries us, who daily bears our burdens, who believes all good things about us, who never lets us down, who is faithful and true even if we are not, who never fails even when we fail!  

So what if we fail!  When we fall, we fall right into His strong arms, for underneath us are the everlasting arms, holding us up no matter what!  It's like falling on an escalator - whether you stand or fall, you still keep on going up, up, up!  It was never up to us to fail or succeed, or even believe or doubt - it was always up to God, who shows mercy, compassion, heartfelt love and kindness that never ends but is new every morning, surer than sunrise!  It was always all about Him, and HE never quits, never gives in, never fails..He is the Love that lasts forever, goes on without end!  If it were up to us, things would be in doubt..but since it is up to God, it's DONE!  Love never fails!  Love is always there to catch us, hold us, bring us through anything..Love always will always carry us through!

Mr. Love ALWAYS carried you, and He ALWAYS WILL!

Papa carries us, no matter what!  That is real security..that is true Grace!


  1. That's so beautiful, Sparrow, thanks for sharing. I loved the bit... "and in fact you never left" the most! We are all of us safe in the arms of Love, our Love and our Lover! :-)

  2. Amen, Woolly! Once when I was going through a hurting season, I happened to see on the marquis of a church these simple words: "Safe Like A Child" - and that thought just touched me so deeply..we are safe like a child in the arms of its father..what a feeling of security and cozy comfortableness that brings to in His arms that we've never been out of for one single for all eternity in the everlasting arms..yay!

  3. Hi Sparrow, I don’t know what you think, but I just came across this lovely song which I’d never heard before. It seems quite a fitting song for being carried!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Woolly, thank you for sharing that link..wonderful! Yes, I agree, it fits with being carried! I love it! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. God Bless y'all and Merry CHRISTmas! Just curious, have any of y'all heard from our friend Dave N.? His Pure Unadulterated Grace blog is gone and so is his web site. Just wondering if y'all have heard from him. Hoping he is well. May the Lord bless you all.

  6. I tried to go to his website and couldn't for some reason..maybe it is just temporarily down? I am getting his email devotional letters, I think there must just be a momentary glitch in the website..I hope nothing is wrong. Dave N, we hope you are fine and if you, or anybody, can give us more info please let us know!
    And Merry CHRISTmas to you, I like the way you wrote that, Anon!

  7. Now is emails have stopped, I tried to email him and it wouldn't go through, I'm really getting concerned about him..

  8. Drew, that is odd and I don't know what is going on...maybe he is just having computer problems? I hope nothing is wrong either. Dave, we hope you are okay! Hopefully someone can let us know about him soon!

  9. Same here, no new emails from him and all attempts to contact him have failed. Praying.

  10. Hi Sparrow!

    I saw these comments and apologize for any disappointments I may have caused. I'm back blogging again but I really needed that break I took.

    Pure Grace Believer (formerly Pure Unadulterated Grace Blog).


  11. Glad that you are back, Dave! I understand about needing breaks from online things! Glad you are okay!

  12. Wow! Great to see Bro. Dave is OK! I haven't been able to locate his blog but trust he is doing well! Thankful I checked back! God Bless you Sparrow!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14